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Just send us your product sourcing requirements, and we will wholesale toys from leading toy manufacturers and toy factories at competitive prices, providing you with a one-stop supply solution.

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Sourcing Toys From Manufacturers At the Best Prices

Product Sourcing

We specialize in assisting you in importing toys from China. Simply send us your toy requirements, and we'll arrange the procurement for you.

China Market Guide

Assisting you in conducting inspections in the Chinese toy market, including guidance on the toy market, market translation and documentation, special requests (such as test reports, OEM), and sending price lists to you via email.

Product Certificate

We assist buyers in obtaining the necessary certifications, such as EN71, 7P, CD, PAHS, ROHS, 62115, EMC, GCC, and other certificates. We have dedicated personnel to help you obtain these certification reports.


We can customize your products, your packaging, and assist you in creating your own toy brand.


Arrange cost-effective, time-efficient shipping solutions to save on your logistics costs.

Product Library Update

We update our product line every month so you can access the latest toys in the market.

Shantou Toys Market

Chenghai in Shantou City is a renowned toy hub with over 15,000 toy factories. Toys from Chenghai are exported to over 160 countries worldwide.


What toys

We offer a wide range of wholesale children’s toys, including novelty toys, educational crafts, and party supplies. With a supply chain of over 10,000 factories, you can access a multitude of the latest and most comprehensive wholesale styles.

"Amazing professionalism, and exceptionally high efficiency"

I submitted my toy requirements to them, and they demonstrated remarkable work efficiency. They went the extra mile to confirm the specific details with great patience, swiftly resolving any questions I had. I truly didn't anticipate such a vast array of toy varieties and such competitive prices here.
John Doe
CEO, Acme Inc.

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We have a dedicated team of professionals with outstanding abilities, clear roles, high efficiency, and a patient and positive attitude.


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Director HR

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Sourcing Toys From Manufacturers At the Best Prices

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