Top 10 Best Toy Brands of 2023

Recently, a renowned multinational market research firm named Circana announced the list of the best toy brands of 2023, showcasing the hottest-selling toy brands of the year. Are you familiar with any of these top 10 brands, and have you played with their toys? The list includes a variety of toy types, from popular IP toys to classic ones. Check out which brands made it to the list of the best toy brands now!

01 Best Toy Brands:POKEMON

In 2023, Pokémon solidified its status as a leader among the best toy brands, igniting a card game craze that appealed to enthusiasts across all age brackets. Born in the 1990s, this iconic IP has not only sustained its cultural impact over three decades but has also continuously expanded its range of toy products. From cherished plush toys and inventive building sets to meticulously crafted collectible figures, Pokémon stands out as one of the best toy brands, enchanting fans worldwide with its unique world and myriad of distinct characters. Pokémon transcends mere playthings, symbolizing a generation’s nostalgia and aspirations, and cementing its legacy as a cultural icon across the globe.

Best Toy BrandsPOKEMON toy

02 Best Toy Brands:Barbie

2023 marked a significant milestone for Barbie, a classic name among the best toy brands, as it climbed to new heights of global acclaim. The global box office triumph of its inaugural live-action movie not only reinforced Barbie’s position as a leading toy IP but also rekindled the enthusiasm of a new generation of admirers. Since its inception in 1959, Barbie dolls have been synonymous with dreams, fashion, and inspiration, encouraging girls to explore endless personal possibilities. As one of the best toy brands, Barbie’s evolving image reflects societal diversity and career equality, inspiring children to dream big and unleash their creativity. The 2023 movie success is not only a tribute to Barbie’s rich history and cultural value but also a testament to its enduring innovation and influence on future generations.

Barbie toy

03 Best Toy Brands:Squishmallows

Since hitting the market in 2017, Squishmallows quickly became a top contender among the best toy brands, capturing hearts worldwide with their distinctive softness and adorable designs. The brand’s triumph stems from its superior quality products and astute marketing strategies, coupled with its relentless innovation that has produced a series of irresistibly cuddly characters. Each Squishmallow is a testament to the brand’s dedication to detail, making Squishmallows not just toys but cherished collectibles for both children and adults alike. With their unparalleled softness and comforting designs, Squishmallows have earned their place as one of the best toy brands, offering a touch of warmth in today’s fast-paced world.

Squishmallows toy

04 & 05 Star Wars & LEGO Star Wars

Since the debut of the first Star Wars movie in 1977, the franchise has not only become a cornerstone of science fiction culture but also fostered a vast and devoted global fan base. By 2023, Star Wars continued to dominate cultural discourse with new spin-off series like the critically acclaimed “The Mandalorian,” driving innovation and sales across a range of toys and collectibles. Among these, the LEGO Star Wars collaboration stands out as a favorite, skillfully marrying LEGO’s creative building fun with the rich narratives of the Star Wars universe. This partnership transcends age and culture, offering fans an interactive and imaginative experience, and securing its place as one of the best toy brands for fans to engage with and enjoy.

Star Wars & LEGO Star Wars toys

06 Marvel

Despite some of Marvel’s film offerings in 2023 not meeting every fan’s expectations, the Marvel toy line’s popularity soared, underscoring its unwavering appeal and solidifying its position as one of the best toy brands. This success can be attributed to Marvel’s extensive IP licensing to various manufacturers, leading to a diverse and thriving array of toys. From intricately designed action figures and innovative building sets to collectible figurines that cater to both children and avid collectors, Marvel’s toy line satisfies a broad audience, proving itself as one of the best toy brands by allowing fans to bring their cherished superheroes into their homes.

Marvel toys

07 Hotwheels

As a flagship car model brand under Mattel, Hotwheels has established itself as a synonym for automotive toys worldwide since its inception in 1968. Producing over 4 billion meticulously crafted miniature cars, Hotwheels not only captures the hearts of young enthusiasts and adult collectors but also serves as a miniature reflection of automotive culture and industrial design. Its enduring appeal across generations and dedicated collector base underscore its status as one of the best toy brands, promising to continue its legacy of innovation and storytelling for years to come.

Hotwheels toys

08 Fisher-Price

Renowned globally as the leading brand for infant and toddler toys, Fisher-Price has been committed to providing families around the world with high-quality, safe, and reliable toys since 1930. Unique for its dedicated child development laboratory, Fisher-Price ensures that each toy is grounded in extensive research on child psychology and physiology, aiming to foster comprehensive growth in young children. From simple grasp toys to enlightening musical boxes and interactive learning tables, Fisher-Price’s product line spans every stage of a child’s development, sparking curiosity and supporting key skills such as cognitive abilities, language development, and social interaction. Emphasizing the fusion of play and learning, Fisher-Price stands out as one of the best toy brands, encouraging parental involvement in early childhood education and making it a trusted choice for families seeking toys that entertain and educate.

Fisher-Price toys

09 Disney Princess

The Disney Princess line, as a captivating toy IP under Disney, brings together heroines from classic Disney stories, becoming a symbol of dreams for little girls worldwide. Each Disney Princess, from the courageous Mulan to the kind-hearted Snow White, carries her unique story and traits, inspiring young girls to bravely pursue their dreams and express their true selves. These princess toys are not just playthings; they carry educational value, conveying important messages about courage, love, and self-esteem. With rich character backgrounds and exquisite toy designs, the Disney Princess series creates a magical and miraculous world where every little girl can find her place and fulfill her princess dreams. Beloved by children and collectors alike, the series continues to receive global acclaim, proving its enduring charm and inspiration as one of the best toy brands.

Disney Princess toys

10 Melissa & Doug

As a leader in the global wooden toy market, Melissa & Doug is highly regarded by parents and educators for its thoughtful designs and educational value. Since its foundation, Melissa & Doug has committed to providing high-quality, creative toys designed to stimulate children’s imagination and creativity. From classic wooden puzzles to realistic play sets, each toy is carefully crafted, ensuring safety and offering educational benefits. Encouraging open-ended play, Melissa & Doug toys invite children to explore freely, discover joy, and promote cognitive and social skills development. With the acquisition by Canadian toy giant Spin Master in 2023, Melissa & Doug’s influence and innovative capabilities have been further enhanced, indicating its continued leadership among the best toy brands and bringing more joy and inspiration to families worldwide.

Melissa & Doug toys

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