Chenghai Toys Unveils New Products, Igniting a ‘National Trend’ with the Block Dragon Series for the Year of the Dragon!

As the Lunar New Year of the Dragon approaches, Chenghai Toys keenly captures the pulse of traditional culture. Using toy building blocks as a medium, they infuse the spirit of the Chinese dragon into every dragon-themed product, cleverly blending traditional culture with modern innovation,Launched the new product ‘Block Dragon’! This not only conveys auspicious New Year blessings but also represents a unique interpretation of excellent traditional Chinese culture.

Block Dragon – A Fusion of Tradition and Fashion

To welcome the Lunar Year of the Dragon, Beledi Building Blocks introduces two major series: “Celebration Year Blessings” and “Auspicious Mythical Beasts.” According to Wang Yifeng, Sales Director of Lian Gao Toys Industrial Co., Ltd., the “Celebration Year Blessings” series is specially designed for the Chinese New Year. It is based on three-dimensional New Year paintings, combined with the concept of poetry, conveying beautiful expectations and blessings for the new year through elements and colors rich in Chinese auspicious meanings, hence named “Celebration Year Blessings.”

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The company also launches the “Four Divine Beasts” Azure Dragon from the Auspicious Mythical Beasts series. The product, adorned with vibrant and layered azure color, along with glittering dragon horns and whiskers, exudes the majesty and divinity of the Azure Dragon. The golden gourd held by the Azure Dragon symbolizes longevity, auspiciousness, and happiness, conveying a joyful and prosperous atmosphere for the new year.

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Two building block brands under Guangdong Woma Animation Toys Co., Ltd. also release limited edition trendy figurines for the Year of the Dragon. “Woma Building Blocks” presents the product “Dragon Soaring Across the Four Seas – Four Seas Dragon King,” while the brand “Naughty Boundary” unveils three dragon products: the Dragon King model from Shenzhen youth cultural IP “Xi You Ji,” and designer originals “Dragon King Celebrates Happiness” and “Gathering Wealth Little Cute Dragon.”

“Dragon Soaring Across the Four Seas – Four Seas Dragon King” is based on the traditional Chinese myth of the Four Seas Dragon Kings, combining their characteristics with the traits of wind, fire, lightning, and ice and snow. The dragon spirals upwards, and its ecological features are reconstructed with building block characteristics to give it a more Eastern flair and recreate the dragon’s mythical strength. “Dragon King Celebrates Happiness” features a special dragon palace and a base depicting waves, creating an auspicious scene of the dragon king taking flight. With a gold-plated appearance, it enhances the vibrant atmosphere of the Chinese New Year.

Block Dragon (4)
Block Dragon (5)

Dragon-Infused Toys – Symbolic and Popular

It is reported that among the five products in the “Celebration Year Blessings” series, “Dragon Ascending with Blessings” stands out as the most popular single item. Within just one month of its release, approximately 22,000 boxes were sold, securing its position in the top two of the short video platform’s hot-selling rankings.

The pronunciation of “Ascending Dragon” is similar to “Lantern,” cleverly combining “Lantern” with “Dragon” to ingeniously connect dragon elements with traditional culture, infusing the product with a strong New Year atmosphere. This innovation not only satisfies consumers’ demand for unique designs but also demonstrates an understanding of and creative fusion with traditional culture. Wang Yifeng stated, “This work is a special edition New Year building block designed specifically for the Year of the Dragon. It is composed of elements such as dragons, lanterns, the character ‘Fu’ (blessings), and auspicious clouds. ‘Ascending Dragon’ in traditional Chinese culture means the dragon ascending to the sky, symbolizing fame and success. Combined with ‘Ten Thousand Blessings Lantern,’ it implies a prosperous and auspicious Year of the Dragon.”

“Dragon King Celebrates Happiness” showcases the auspicious elements of the traditional carp leaping over the dragon gate, combined with lanterns and waves to convey a festive atmosphere. The scroll in the Dragon King’s hand with the words “Auspicious Year of the Dragon” delivers beautiful New Year wishes. “Gathering Wealth Little Cute Dragon” not only responds to online humor but also aligns well with the aesthetic preferences of contemporary young people, offering a positive outlook for the Year of the Dragon, wishing everyone abundant treasures and financial success in the new year.

“Naughty Boundary’s” two designer-original Year of the Dragon products, “Dragon King Celebrates Happiness” and “Gathering Wealth Little Cute Dragon,” are full of New Year atmosphere, suitable for parent-child interaction and excellent additions to the festive home decor. Within less than a month of their launch, both products have already sold thousands of units, enjoying great popularity, as stated by Lin Bobing, Sales Manager of Guangdong Woma Animation.

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Booming “Zodiac Products” Reflect Cultural Confidence

The Year of the Dragon is not only a unique and innovative theme but also an element that aligns with cultural heritage and auspicious symbolism, giving toy products profound cultural connotations. Every innovative design of “Dragon” elements not only satisfies modern consumers’ demand for unique and imaginative products but also sparks children’s creativity and imagination. It also showcases the deep understanding and creative fusion of modern toy companies with traditional culture.

“This year, the Year of the Dragon has sparked a cultural craze, and we fully utilize this widely recognized traditional cultural totem with the potential for transmission, incorporating more creativity,” mentioned Lin Bobing. Many consumers like to purchase annual zodiac products, seeking novel experiences and popular IP elements. This indirectly reflects a shift in consumer preferences towards satisfying their internal psychological needs.

Regarding this phenomenon, Wang Yifeng believes that contemporary Chinese people pay more attention to the ritual sense of life. Exceptionally designed zodiac products are endowed with more innovation and cultural connotations, catering to consumer aesthetics and thus receiving a warm welcome in the market. “In recent years, China’s rapid economic development and the swift dissemination of national culture are attributed to our cultural confidence and historical accumulation,” stated Wang Yifeng.

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