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The introduction of Shein

Shein is a leading online fashion retailer renowned for its fast fashion and extensive product range. Established in 2008, Shein has grown into a global e-commerce platform that specializes in offering women’s wear, men’s apparel, children’s clothes, accessories, and home goods.

  • Vast Product Selection: Shein is celebrated for its broad assortment of fashion-forward clothing and accessories. On any given day, the platform adds around 2,000 new items, keeping its collection fresh and aligned with current trends.
  • Affordability: One of the hallmarks of Shein is its affordability. The brand targets primarily Gen Z consumers and parents, offering stylish pieces at budget-friendly prices, making trendy fashion accessible to a wider audience.
  • Global Reach with a Local Touch: Despite its Chinese roots, Shein focuses exclusively on the international market, with a significant presence in over 220 countries and regions. This global perspective allows Shein to cater to diverse fashion tastes and preferences around the world.

Precisely because of this, more and more people enjoy shopping on Shein. During the shopping process, many people encounter various questions.

how long does shein take to deliver?

After the order has been paid, the warehouse needs 1-3 days to process your order. You will receive a notification once your order has been shipped.

How long does shein take to ship?

Shein’s international delivery times may vary due to its operational setup, with its primary headquarters in Singapore and its main warehouse located in China. However, Shein has strategically established partnerships with logistics warehouses across Asia, America, Europe, and the Middle East to streamline its delivery processes.

Below, you’ll find estimated delivery times for Shein’s products in various countries and regions. Please note that the shipping information provided is sourced directly from Shein’s official regional websites.

1.United States

  • Shein United States: Estimated Delivery Time
    • Two shipping methods are available: Standard Shipping and Express Shipping.
    • How long does shein take to ship?Standard Shipping typically takes up to 10 days for delivery, while Express Shipping usually arrives in less than 7 days.
    • Shein delivers to all 50 states in the USA. For more details, visit Shein USA Shipping Details.
How long does shein take to ship:Shein United States Estimated Delivery Time


  • Shein Canada: Estimated Delivery Time
    • Customers in Canada can choose between Standard Shipping and Express Shipping.
    • How long does shein take to ship?Standard Shipping delivers within 9-13 days, whereas Express Shipping arrives in 7-9 days.
    • Shein ships to all provinces and territories of Canada. For additional information, refer to Shein Canada Shipping Details.
Shein Canada Estimated Delivery Time

3.United Kingdom

  • Shein United Kingdom: Estimated Delivery Time
    • Shein provides three shipping options: Standard Shipping, Click and Collect, and Express Shipping.
    • How long does shein take to ship?Standard Shipping typically takes 7-10 business days, while Click and Collect requires self-collection within 7-11 business days. Express Shipping delivers in 6-8 business days.
    • To check delivery coverage in your area, visit Shein UK Shipping Details and select your region from the dropdown menu.
Shein United Kingdom Estimated Delivery Time


  • Shein Australia: Estimated Delivery Time
    • How long does shein take to ship?Australian customers can choose between Standard Shipping (10-16 days) and Express Shipping (6-8 days).
    • Shein delivers to all six states and two mainland territories of Australia. For further details, visit Shein Australia Shipping Details.
Shein Australia Estimated Delivery Time

5.European Union

  • Shein offers its e-commerce products in selected countries within the European Union.
  • See the tabular summary below for estimated delivery times in European countries:

European Country Economic Shipping Standard Shipping Express Shipping
Austria x 6-10 business days x
Bulgaria x 11-12 business days x
Croatia x 10-12 business days x
Cyprus x 11-15 business days 6-7 business days
Estonia x 8-11 business days x
Finland x 8-11 business days x
France x 7-12 business days 5-7 business days
Germany x 7-10 business days 6-7 business days
Ireland x 7-9 business days x
Italy x 9-15 business days 7-12 business days
Latvia x 8-11 business days x
Lithuania x 9-12 business days x
Luxembourg x 8-11 business days x
Malta x x 7-8 business days
Netherlands x 7-9 business days 6-7 business days
Poland 13-15 business days 6-9 business days x
Portugal x 9-13 business days x
Slovakia x 10-12 business days x
Spain 12-14 business days 8-12 business days 7-8 business days
Sweden x 8-11 business days x

6.Middle East

Shein caters not only to Western markets but also enjoys significant popularity in the Middle East, including countries like Bahrain, Jordan, Israel, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.

Here’s a breakdown of Shein’s estimated delivery times for the Middle East based on information from its dedicated regional website:

Middle East Country Estimated Delivery Time(Standard Shipping)
Bahrain 9-13 business days
Israel Economic Shipping: 13-16 business days
Standard Shipping: 14-18 business days
Express Shipping: 10-13 business days
Jordan 13-16 business days
Kuwait 11-13 business days
Lebanon 11-14 business days
Oman 10-14 business days
Qatar 9-11 business days
Saudi Arabia 12-16 business days
United Arab Emirates 9-11 days

Middle Eastern customers seeking detailed shipping information can visit the Shein Middle East website, which is designed in Arabic to enhance user satisfaction. Additionally, Shein has developed a separate website specifically tailored for Israel, where customers can explore shipping details.

7. Asia

Meanwhile, in Asia, Shein maintains popularity across various countries. To enhance the shopping experience, Shein has established dedicated websites for Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

Here’s a tabular summary detailing Shein’s estimated shipping times for Asian countries:

Asian Country Standard Shipping Express Shipping Click and Collect
Singapore 8-9 business days 6-8 business days x
Taiwan 7-8 business days x 7-8 business days
Thailand 7-9 business days 6-8 business days x
Vietnam 6-8 business days x x
Philippines 6-10 business days x x

8.Rest of the World

Shein’s global expansion efforts continue to broaden its reach across diverse regions. If your country is not listed in the aforementioned categories and you’re curious about Shein’s delivery time to your location, you can simply conduct a Google search using the format “Shein + [Your Country].” For instance, if you’re in Brazil, you can search for “Shein Andorra.”

shein Andorra

Here are the steps:

  1. Google “Shein + [Your Country].” For example: Shein Andorra.
  2. Click on the relevant Google search result to visit your country’s dedicated Shein website.
  3. Scroll down the page and navigate to the “Shipping Info” section under “Help & Support.”
shipping info

By following these steps, you can access detailed shipping information specific to your country on Shein’s website.

Shein typically delivers orders within 1-4 weeks. However, please note that certain factors may occasionally cause delays in Shein’s shipment process.


1. How long does Shein take to deliver?

Shein’s delivery time varies per country or region. But its average delivery time is between 1-4 weeks.

2. What are Shein’s shipping methods?

Shein’s shipping methods include Economic Shipping, Standard Shipping, Express Shipping, and Click and Collect options.

3. Where does Shein ship from?

Shein ships from different warehouses in Asia, America, Europe, and the Middle East. However, their main warehouse is based in China.

4. does shein deliver on time

In most cases, the package will be delivered within the estimated time of arrival. However, the actual delivery date may be affected by flight arrangements, weather conditions and other external factors. The delivery time frame will be longer than usual for orders that included preorder or/and customized items. Please refer to the tracking information for the most accurate delivery date.

5. does shein ship overnight

After the order has been paid, the warehouse needs 1-3 days to process your order. You will receive a notification once your order has been shipped.

6. shein shipping time frame

See here for details

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