New toys 2024 you must know

New toys 2024 you must know:LEGO to Launch Twilight City Set

Recently, LEGO announced the upcoming release of the Twilight City set. This product faithfully recreates the iconic “Hoke House” from the Twilight series, featuring three floors and a total of 2995 pieces. The set includes 4 mini-figures and a buildable Jacob werewolf. Each floor is designed with a simple detachable structure reminiscent of a street scene, allowing for interactive play.

According to reports, the Cullen family home from Twilight was selected as one of LEGO’s fan creations, standing out among numerous impressive fan designs.

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New toy product information:LEGO to Launch Twilight City Set


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ZURU Introduces Shoe and Book Series

ZURU Mini Brands has recently launched a new series featuring shoes and books. The sports shoe collection offers various styles from brands like Reebok, Airwalk, Sketchers, Prince, and more, complete with mini shoeboxes. The book series includes over 40 popular replicated books, each with authentic, readable pages, accompanied by mini bookmarks and magnifying glasses.

ZURU, ranked among the top ten global toy companies with an annual revenue of nearly $2 billion, despite being a relatively young company established in 2003. Their successful products include Bunch O Balloons (an outdoor toy that can fill 100 water balloons in 60 seconds) and Mini Brands (capsule toys similar to blind boxes, promoted through TikTok marketing), available in over 120 countries worldwide.

ZURU Mini Brands toys (2)

ZURU Mini Brands toys (1)

Real Estate Tycoon Spelling Game Hits Shelves

Hasbro has recently collaborated on two iconic board games, Monopoly and Scrabble, introducing a new spelling game. Players no longer roll dice to move around the board but instead construct words based on their scores to advance. When a player builds a word on the board, they acquire in-game properties. The game concludes when the last letter tile is placed, and the player with the highest “property value” at that point is recognized as the winner. The game is designed for players aged 8 and above and includes custom community chest and chance cards.

Real Estate Tycoon Scrabble Game New Product Launched


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