B/O Jumping Fish Swinging Fish Toy Pet Toy Wholesale

Name:B/O Jumping Fish Swinging Fish Toy Pet Toy Wholesale
ItemNo: 618453657091
Package: OPP bag
Size: 30*10*6.5 CM
CartonSize: 88*50*48 CM
Quantity: 200
G.W./N.W.: 22/20 KGS
Bulk: 0.211 cbm

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Swinging Fish Toy Description:

Introducing our B/O Jumping Fish – Swinging Fish Toy, a captivating pet accessory that brings joy and excitement to your furry friends. This battery-operated swinging fish toy is designed to mimic the playful movements of various fish species, providing endless entertainment for pets.

Swinging Fish Toy Key Features:

  1. Realistic Swinging Motion: The B/O Jumping Fish replicates the natural movements of fish, capturing your pet’s attention and encouraging active play.
  2. Battery Operated: Powered by batteries, this toy offers a hassle-free and continuous swinging motion, ensuring a delightful experience for your pets.
  3. Assorted Fish Species: Choose from a variety of fish species, including Koi, Carp, Goldfish, Catfish, Clownfish, and more. Diverse options keep playtime interesting for pets.
  4. Generous Size: With dimensions of 30*10*6.5 CM, the toy provides an ample size for pets to engage with, making it suitable for various breeds and sizes.

Additional Features and Specifications:

  • Soft Plush Material: Crafted from soft plush with PP cotton filling, ensuring a comfortable and safe experience for your pet during playtime.
  • Touch-Activated Sensor: The toy features a touch-activated sensor that responds to your pet’s interaction, enhancing the level of engagement and enjoyment.
  • Scratch and Bite Resistant: Built to withstand playful scratching and biting, this toy is durable and long-lasting, providing hours of entertainment for your pet.
  • USB Rechargeable: Conveniently recharge the toy using the included USB charging cable, eliminating the need for disposable batteries and reducing environmental waste.
  • Safe Zipper Design: Equipped with a safe zipper, allowing easy access to the battery compartment for charging while ensuring the safety of your pet.
  • Hand Washable: After removing the battery, the toy is hand washable, making it easy to clean and maintain for long-term use.
  • Full Charging Time: The toy requires 30-60 minutes for a full charge, providing extended playtime for your pet once fully charged.
BO Jumping Fish Swinging Fish Toy Pet Toy Wholesale
BO Jumping Fish Swinging Fish Toy Pet Toy Wholesale

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