Bobbi Luscious suction toys (4 Mixed) wholesale

Name: Bobbi Luscious Suctions (4 Mixed)
ItemNo: 245342914322
Package: OPP bag
PackageSize: 14*18.5*0 CM
CartonSize: 60*51*42 CM
Quantity: 500
G.W./N.W.: 23/22 KGS
Bulk: 0.129 cbm

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Indulge in Bobbi Luscious Suctions – A Blend of Elegance and Fun:

Chic Packaging for Maximum Appeal: Bobbi Luscious Suctions come packaged in individual OPP bags, each measuring 14*18.5*0 CM. The sleek and chic packaging adds an element of sophistication, making them visually appealing.

Perfectly Sized Cartons for Bulk Storage: Designed for efficiency, the cartons, sized at 60*51*42 CM, are perfectly proportioned for bulk storage. This ensures easy organization and transportation for larger quantities.

A Bounty of 500: Each order of Bobbi Luscious Suctions comprises 500 units, providing a generous supply for various purposes. Ideal for retail stocking or wholesale distribution, these suctions are ready to make a stylish impact.

Compact Bulk Size for Versatile Distribution: With a bulk size of 0.129 cbm, these suctions are designed for efficient distribution. The compact size enhances versatility, allowing for seamless integration into both retail displays and larger-scale wholesale operations.

Bobbi Luscious Suctions (4 Mixed) bring together elegance and fun in a delightful combination. From their chic packaging to substantial quantity and efficient design, these suctions promise to be a captivating addition to any retail or wholesale lineup. Indulge in the allure and practicality of Bobbi Luscious Suctions for a touch of sophistication in every setting.

suction toys wholesale-05
suction toys wholesale-05

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