Elephant comfort colorful projection plush DOLL Wholesale

Name:Elephant comfort colorful projection plush DOLL Wholesale
ItemNo: 457682874976
Package: PVC gift bag
Size: 18*18.5*28.5 CM
PackageSize: 30*36*0 CM
CartonSize: 50*28*53 CM
Quantity: 36
G.W./N.W.: 10/8 KGS
Bulk: 0.074 cbm
Certification: EN71,EN62115,EN60825,AZO,CD,HR4040,PAHs,CE,8P,ASTM,REACH
Introduction: projection, soothing, music

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Elephant comfort colorful projection plush DOLL Wholesale Introduction:

  • Innovative Design: Immerse in the charm of the Elephant Comfort Plush Doll, featuring a colorful projection that enhances the play experience.
  • Thoughtful Packaging: Delivered in a PVC gift bag, the plush doll is presented with care and style, measuring 18*18.5*28.5 CM.
  • Certified Safety: Holds a range of certifications, including EN71, EN62115, EN60825, AZO, CD, HR4040, PAHs, CE, 8P, ASTM, and REACH, ensuring adherence to stringent safety standards.
  • Compact Packaging: The PVC gift bag measures 30*36*0 CM, while the efficient carton size of 50*28*53 CM accommodates 36 plush dolls, with a bulk size of 0.074 cbm.
  • Lightweight and Sturdy: Weighing in at 10 KGS (Gross Weight) and 8 KGS (Net Weight), the plush doll strikes a perfect balance between durability and ease of handling.
  • Multifunctional Features: This plush doll offers a combination of projection, soothing capabilities, and music, creating a comprehensive and engaging playtime experience.

Indulge in the world of Elephant Comfort, where innovation meets cuddly companionship. The plush doll not only captivates with its colorful projections but also ensures a safe and delightful playtime, making it an ideal choice for children and a thoughtful gift option.

Elephant comfort colorful projection plush DOLL Wholesale (1)
Elephant comfort colorful projection plush DOLL Wholesale (1)、

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