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Eva foam toys Mouse Children’s Table And Chair Set Wholesale

Name: Eva foam toys Mouse Children’s Table And Chair Set Wholesale
ItemNo: 915231724225
Package: Kraft paper box
PackageSize: 60.6*18*50.7 CM
CartonSize: 103*62*75 CM
Size: 60*49.5*36.5 CM
Bulk: 0.478 cbm
G.W./N.W.: 16/14.5 KGS
Quantity: 8
Channel: export
Introduction: mouse stool: 32*27*18.5cm

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Eva foam toys Introduction:

Introducing our captivating product – the Eva Foam Toys Mouse Children’s Table and Chair Set, available for wholesale purchase. Designed to delight and inspire, this set combines playful aesthetics with practical functionality, creating a safe and inviting space for children.

Eva foam toys Highlighted Features:

  1. Eva Foam Toys Delight: Crafted from high-quality Eva foam, this Mouse Children’s Table and Chair Set is not just furniture; it’s an engaging playtime companion. The whimsical Mouse design captures children’s imagination, turning ordinary furniture into delightful toys.
  2. Safe and Soft Construction: The entire set prioritizes child safety with its soft Eva foam material. This not only ensures a comfortable seating and play area but also provides a cushioned environment, reducing the risk of injuries during play.
  3. Convenient Packaging: Packaged in a sturdy Kraft paper box, the set arrives in impeccable condition. The package size of 60.6*18*50.7 CM ensures easy handling, making it suitable for retailers and wholesalers alike.
  4. Practical Dimensions: The set’s dimensions, 60*49.5*36.5 CM, strike a balance between providing a spacious play area and ensuring the set is compact enough for various room sizes. The Mouse stool, measuring 322718.5cm, adds an extra dimension of charm and functionality.
  5. Wholesale Availability: Packaged in sets of 8, this Eva Foam Toys Mouse Children’s Table and Chair Set is tailored for wholesale channels. Ideal for export, the set is perfect for retailers, daycare centers, and educational institutions seeking a distinctive and quality addition to their offerings.
  6. Efficient Bulk Volume: With a bulk volume of 0.478 cbm, this set is both efficient for transportation and ensures you have an ample supply to meet demand.
  7. Durable Build: The set boasts a robust build with a Gross Weight (G.W.) of 16 KGS, ensuring durability without compromising on the whimsical design. The Net Weight (N.W.) is 14.5 KGS.
Eva foam toys Mouse Children's Table And Chair Set Wholesale (1)
Eva foam toys Mouse Children’s Table And Chair Set Wholesale (1)

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