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Eva puzzle mat Wholesale

Name: Eva puzzle mat Wholesale
ItemNo: 736543005459
Package: Environmental protection shrink film
PackageSize: 32*30*18 CM
CartonSize: 65*59*56 CM
Size: 30*30*1 CM
Bulk: 0.214 cbm
G.W./N.W.: 14/12.5 KGS
Quantity: 6
Certification: EN71,7P,HR4040,3C,ASTM

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Eva puzzle mat Highlighted Features:

  1. Efficient Packaging and Bulk Volume: The puzzle mat boasts a compact package size of 32*30*18 CM, making it easy to handle and store. With a bulk volume of 0.214 cbm, it is an efficient choice for bulk shipments, providing convenience and cost-effectiveness.
  2. Optimal Weight Distribution: Balancing sturdiness with manageability, the mat has a gross weight (G.W.) of 14 KGS and a net weight (N.W.) of 12.5 KGS. This ensures durability while maintaining ease of use for various applications.
  3. Comprehensive Set: Each package contains 6 mats, offering a comprehensive solution for larger spaces. This makes the Eva Puzzle Mat an ideal choice for both residential and commercial settings, providing flexibility in design and application.
  4. Stringent Safety Certifications: The mat has undergone rigorous testing and holds certifications such as EN71, 7P, HR4040, 3C, and ASTM, guaranteeing safety and compliance with industry standards.
  5. Eva Material Comfort: The mat’s composition of Eva material ensures a comfortable and safe surface for various activities, making it suitable for play areas, exercise spaces, and more.
Eva puzzle mat Wholesale
Eva puzzle mat Wholesale

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