Full-Automatic Mecha Team Bubble Gun Supplier

Name: Full-Automatic Mecha Team Bubble Gun
ItemNo: 156562112973
Package: Card blister
Size: 20*19*8 CM
PackageSize: 24*30*0 CM
CartonSize: 71.5*45.5*69 CM
Quantity: 48
G.W./N.W.: 24/21 KGS
Bulk: 0.224 cbm
BoxCount: 2
Certification: EN71,EN62115,HR4040,8P,ASTM
Introduction: 2COLOR mixed, automatic one-key bubble light music

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Full-Automatic Mecha Team Bubble Gun Unique Features:

  • Automatic One-Key Operation: Experience hassle-free bubble-blasting with the full-automatic mechanism, activated effortlessly with a single key for seamless play.
  • 2-Color Mix: Elevate the visual appeal with a captivating 2-color mix, adding excitement and variety to each bubble-blasting session.
  • LED Lights and Music: Immerse in a multi-sensory experience as vibrant LED lights synchronize with delightful music, creating an enchanting atmosphere during playtime.
  • Card Blister Packaging: Secure and visually striking, the card blister packaging not only protects the product but also showcases its futuristic design, making it an eye-catching display item.
  • Certified Safety: Adhering to stringent safety standards, the bubble gun holds certifications such as EN71, EN62115, HR4040, 8P, and ASTM, ensuring worry-free play for users of all ages.Crafted with the safety of your delicate toddlers and children in mind, we use only premium, non-toxic materials to create this exceptional toy.
  • ergonomic design: Our bubble maker toy boasts a lightweight, gun-shaped design with a convenient holder, ensuring easy and comfortable play for your little ones.
  • delightful entertainment: Watch as your children become captivated by our bubble blower machine, designed to produce an abundance of bubbles that will hold their attention for hours on end.
  • effortless operation: Getting started with our bubble gun is a breeze – simply attach the fluid container to the base, and the machine is ready to go! Say goodbye to messy dip-in bubble solutions.


Bubble Gun-02
Bubble Gun-02

Full-Automatic Mecha Team Bubble Gun Introduction:

Unleash the magic of bubbles with the Full-Automatic Mecha Team Bubble Gun. This cutting-edge bubble gun transcends traditional play by incorporating automatic one-key operation, a visually captivating 2-color mix, and an immersive experience with LED lights synchronized to delightful music.

Packaged securely in a card blister, the bubble gun’s futuristic design is on full display, making it both a safe and visually striking choice for all types of play. With certifications including EN71, EN62115, HR4040, 8P, and ASTM, this bubble gun ensures not just fun but also safety for users.

Whether for personal enjoyment, events, or retail distribution, the Full-Automatic Mecha Team Bubble Gun promises an unparalleled playtime adventure, where innovative features meet certified safety for an unforgettable bubble-blasting experience.

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