Inflatable double square baby swimming pool 2COLOR mix Wholesale

Name:Inflatable double square baby swimming pool 2COLOR mix Wholesale
ItemNo: 1817762
Package: Color box
PackageSize: 22.6*48*21 CM
CartonSize: 48*22.6*21 CM
Bulk: 0.023 cbm
G.W./N.W.: 6.48/5.3 KGS
Quantity: 6
Channel: export
Certification: EN71,6P,ASTM

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baby swimming pool Introduction:

Make a splash with our Inflatable Double Square Baby Swimming Pool – the perfect aquatic haven for your little ones. Crafted with utmost safety and enjoyment in mind, this inflatable pool guarantees hours of water-filled fun for babies and toddlers. With a vibrant design and durable construction, it’s an ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor water play.

baby swimming pool Features:

  1. Double Square Design: Provides ample space for babies to enjoy a comfortable and secure water environment.
  2. Inflatable Structure: Easy to set up and deflate for convenient storage, making it suitable for travel and compact spaces.
  3. 2-Color Mix: Vibrant and visually appealing, the pool comes in a mix of two colors for added aesthetic charm.
  4. Certified Safety: Complies with international safety standards (EN71, 6P, ASTM) to ensure a secure water play experience for babies.
inflatable double square baby swimming pool 2COLOR mix Wholesale (2)
inflatable double square baby swimming pool 2COLOR mix Wholesale (2)

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