Solid Dinosaur Toys Set Wholesale

Dinosaur toys have surged in popularity, becoming a cultural phenomenon. With a vast market size, these toys captivate enthusiasts of all ages. The Solid Dinosaur Set, for instance, is part of this trend, featuring certification (EN71,8P), realistic packaging , and contributing to the broader appeal of dinosaur-themed products.


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Solid Dinosaur Toys Set Basic Information Table

Attribute Value
Name Solid Dinosaur Set
ItemNo 676563303393
Package Blister card

Solid Dinosaur Toys Set Packaging Information Table

Attribute Value
Size 23*19*3 CM
PackageSize 23*19*3 CM
CartonSize 77*46*72 CM
Quantity 360
G.W./N.W. 33/30 KGS
Bulk 0.255 cbm
BoxCount 2
Certification EN71,8P
Dinosaur toys-05
Dinosaur toys-05

Dinosaur toys hold a significant share in the overall toy market, accounting for approximately 25%. The growth trend in this share indicates a sustained popularity of dinosaur toys over the past few years. Analyzing sales data reveals that the market share of dinosaur toys experiences increases during specific seasons or promotional events, further confirming its robust position in the market.

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