Unicorn screw Jigsaw Puzzle GAME box Wholesale

Name: Unicorn screw Jigsaw Puzzle GAME box
ItemNo: 967563114681
Package: Shrink film
PackageSize: 24.3*7.6*18.3 CM
CartonSize: 46.5*40.5*50.5 CM
Quantity: 24
G.W./N.W.: 17.9/17 KGS
Bulk: 0.095 cbm
Certification: EN71,CPSIA,CE,8P,ASTM,amazon CPC

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Unicorn screw Jigsaw Puzzle GAME box Introduction:

Embark on a whimsical journey with the Unicorn Screw Jigsaw Puzzle GAME Box, a delightful and enchanting educational toy that combines the charm of unicorn-themed design with the challenge of a screw-based puzzle.

Wholesale Jigsaw Puzzle-09 (2)
Wholesale Jigsaw Puzzle-09 (2)

Unicorn screw Jigsaw Puzzle GAME box Unique Features:

  1. Educational Entertainment: Promote problem-solving skills with this engaging jigsaw puzzle, featuring a unique screw design that adds an element of creativity to the learning process.
  2. Unicorn-Themed Design: Captivate young minds with the enchanting world of unicorns, making learning a magical adventure.
  3. Compact Packaging: Shrink film packaging ensures the puzzle arrives in perfect condition, while the compact size of 24.3*7.6*18.3 CM makes it convenient for storage.
  4. Bulk Efficiency: With a bulk size of 0.095 cbm, the Unicorn Screw Jigsaw Puzzle GAME Box is efficient to store and transport in larger quantities.
  5. Certified Safety: Holds certifications including EN71, CPSIA, CE, 8P, ASTM, and Amazon CPC, ensuring a safe and worry-free play experience for young learners.

Unlock the door to imaginative learning with this unicorn-themed puzzle. Not only does it encourage cognitive development, but it also fosters a sense of accomplishment as children navigate the challenges of the screw-based design. The Unicorn Screw Jigsaw Puzzle GAME Box is the perfect blend of educational exploration and magical fun for young minds.

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