Unicorn soothing colorful projection plush DOLL Wholesale

Name:Unicorn soothing colorful projection plush DOLL Wholesale
ItemNo: 256762757197
Package: Display box
Size: 35*15*20.5 CM
PackageSize: 34.5*15.5*20 CM
CartonSize: 77.5*37*67 CM
Quantity: 24
G.W./N.W.: 12/11 KGS
Bulk: 0.192 cbm
Certification: EN71,EN62115,AZO,CD,HR4040,PAHs,8P,ASTM,amazon CPC,REACH
Introduction: Projector, soothing sleep, washable

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Unicorn soothing colorful projection plush DOLL Wholesale Introduction:

  • Magical Design: Immerse yourself in the enchantment of the Unicorn Soothing Plush Doll, featuring a colorful projection for a magical playtime experience.
  • Striking Display Box: Packaged in an eye-catching display box, the plush doll is presented beautifully, showcasing its charm. The size of the box is 35*15*20.5 CM.
  • Certified Safety: Holds essential certifications, including EN71, EN62115, AZO, CD, HR4040, PAHs, 8P, ASTM, Amazon CPC, and REACH, ensuring adherence to the highest safety standards.
  • Efficient Carton Size: With a carton size of 77.5*37*67 CM, accommodating 24 plush dolls, and a bulk size of 0.192 cbm, it is designed for both efficiency and visual appeal.
  • Lightweight and Durable: Weighing 12 KGS (Gross Weight) and 11 KGS (Net Weight), the plush doll is both lightweight and durable, making it easy to handle.
  • Multifunctional Features: This plush doll not only boasts a projector for colorful displays but also offers soothing sleep assistance. Additionally, it is washable, ensuring easy maintenance and hygiene.

Step into a world of whimsy with the Unicorn Soothing Plush Doll. Its magical projection, certified safety, and multifunctional features make it a delightful addition to playtime, providing both entertainment and comfort for children.

Unicorn soothing colorful projection plush DOLL Wholesale (1)
Unicorn soothing colorful projection plush DOLL Wholesale (1)

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