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Water gun with tank Wholesale and bulk

Name:Water gun with tank Wholesale and bulk
ItemNo: 812322203201
Package: PVC Card Bag
PackageSize: 45*22*12 CM
CartonSize: 90*47.5*75 CM
Size: 45*22*12 CM
Bulk: 0.321 cbm
G.W./N.W.: 17/14 KGS
Quantity: 12

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Step into the world of aquatic delight with our Water Gun featuring an integrated tank – a revolutionary addition to your outdoor escapades! This innovative water gun ensures a refreshing and immersive play experience, offering a unique twist to traditional water battles.

Water gun with tank Key Features:

  1. Continuous Soaking Power: Say goodbye to constant refills! Our Water Gun with Tank is equipped with a built-in reservoir, allowing you to enjoy a sustained stream of water during intense battles. Dominate the field with consistent soaking power that keeps you in the game.
  2. Bulk Fun for Everyone: Whether you’re planning a family gathering, hosting an event, or just seeking outdoor excitement, our Water Guns with Tanks in bulk are your go-to choice. With 12 guns in each order, share the joy of water play with friends and family, creating moments that will be cherished.
  3. Effortless Storage and Transport: Pack up your water arsenal easily with the compact PVC Card Bag packaging. Measuring at 45*22*12 CM, it strikes the perfect balance between practicality and aesthetics, making it a breeze to store and carry to your next water-filled adventure.
Water gun with tank Wholesale and bulk
Water gun with tank Wholesale and bulk

Dive into the world of water play with our extensive collection of Wholesale Water Guns. As a leading supplier, we provide bulk quantities of water guns tailored for retailers and businesses. Stay refreshed and entertained with our diverse range, featuring classic water pistols and high-capacity water blasters. To explore our offerings further, consider arranging a visit to our location in Chenghai, Shantou, China, or share your preferences with our team for personalized supplier recommendations.


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