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Wooden Letter Piggy-Bank Wholesale

Name:Wooden Letter Piggy-Bank Wholesale
ItemNo: 816452909800
Package: Valve bag
CartonSize: 48*40*20 CM
Bulk: 0.038 cbm
G.W./N.W.: 12/11 KGS
Quantity: 26
Channel: domestic,export

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Wooden Letter Piggy-Bank Key Features:

  • Personalization: Choose freely from letters A to Z to personalize your Wooden Letter Piggy-Bank. Additionally, we provide exquisite letter stickers for further customization.
  • Premium Quality: Our Wooden Letter Piggy-Banks are meticulously crafted from high-quality wood, undergoing carving, polishing, assembly, inspection, and packaging processes. They are smooth, aesthetically pleasing, stylish, safe, odorless, and built to last.
  • Perfect Dimensions: Each Wooden Letter Piggy-Bank stands at a uniform height of 18 centimeters (7 inches) with a thickness of 2.8 centimeters (1.1 inches). The unique letter-shaped design not only serves as a piggy bank but also doubles as a decorative piece for any room.
  • Perfect Decoration: This personalized letter piggy bank can be perfectly placed on any table or shelf as a beautiful decoration. Through the transparent acrylic panel, you can see how much money you’ve saved and enjoy the fun of saving.
  • Versatile Coin Slot: The coin slot accommodates both coins and bills, while a transparent window allows for clear visibility of the interior, enabling daily observation of savings growth. Opening the piggy bank is effortless—simply unscrew the screws and remove the transparent panel to retrieve coins.
  • Ideal for All Occasions: Whether it’s a birthday, Christmas, Thanksgiving, or any other occasion, our Wooden Letter Piggy-Banks make perfect gifts for children, loved ones, parents, or even yourself.
Wooden Letter Piggy-Bank Wholesale (1)
Wooden Letter Piggy-Bank Wholesale (1)

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