What to do if plush toys are dirty? Learn these tips and you can clean them yourself.

What to do if plush toys are dirty (2)
What to do if plush toys are dirty (2)

It’s hard to believe that any girl or child could resist the allure of plush toys, but over time, many plush toys inevitably get dirty and can easily breed bacteria.

What to do if plush toys are dirty?Don’t worry, today we’ll teach you how to clean plush toys so they can be cute and cuddly once again.

Understanding the Material of the Doll

Plush toys are usually made of synthetic fibers and chemicals.

When we buy plush toys, we can see that they all have tags indicating how to wash them, and we can also judge by their material.
For example, clothes, ribbons, hats, and other accessories on the plush can be removed and washed separately.

Generally, plush can be washed with water, unless it is some expensive and more upscale plush toys, which must be dry cleaned due to the material.

1 Dry Cleaning Technique Without Soaking

  • Edible baking soda
    Available for purchase at pharmacies
What to do if plush toys are dirty (3)

  • Large plastic bags
    Spare clean and undamaged
What to do if plush toys are dirty (1)
What to do if plush toys are dirty (1)

How to Operate:

  1. Put the edible baking soda and plush toy together into a large plastic bag.
  2. Tie the bag tightly and shake vigorously.

The baking soda that comes out will have turned grey-black due to the dirt it has absorbed, and naturally, the plush toy will have become clean.

2 Water Washing Techniques

01 Hand Washing

  1. Pour detergent into a basin and stir until completely dissolved, then put the plush toy in.
  2. Squeeze the plush toy by hand to let the detergent fully soak in, pour out the dirty water, and then rinse clean with water.
  3. Finally, wrap the plush toy in a large towel to absorb some of the water, and wait for it to air dry.

02 Machine Washing

If you have a washing machine at home with a large washing and drying capacity, you can choose to machine wash to free your hands!

  1. Use tape to cover parts of the accessories that are prone to wear.
  2. Place directly into the washing machine for gentle washing and spin drying.
  3. Air Drying: Hang in a cool place until completely dry.
  4. Tumble Drying: Remember not to use high temperatures for drying, always use low heat to gently dry, otherwise your plush toy will “go bald”!

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