Toyland Treasures: Navigating the Top 11 Wholesale Toys Distributors & Local Gems

Embark on a journey into the dynamic world of wholesale toys, where every plaything tells a story and every purchase shapes a child’s delight. In this guide, we unveil the top 11 Wholesale Toy Distributors, each a gateway to a treasure trove of captivating and diverse toys. From renowned brands to local enterprises, these distributors stand as pillars in the realm of toy procurement, offering a spectrum of options for retailers and distributors alike. Join us as we navigate through this vibrant landscape, spotlighting key players and introducing a local gem that adds a unique touch to the industry.

1 License 2 Play – Premier Wholesale Toys Distributors

license-2-play logo

License 2 Play stands out as a premier wholesale toys distributor, specializing in a vast array of branded toys, including popular names like Barbie, Hot Wheels, and Pokemon. Since their inception in 2004, License 2 Play has been a leading force in the wholesale toys and gifts industry. Situated in the United States, they guarantee swift delivery via FedEx. To access their competitive wholesale prices, U.S. retailers are required to register on their website. Explore their diverse product categories, encompassing action figures, arts & crafts, candy & drinks, and dolls.

license-2-play - Wholesale Toy Distributors

2 Shepher – Your Trusted Wholesale Toy Source


Shepher, operated by 2M Distributors And Sales LLC in the United States, emerges as a trusted wholesale toy source. With an extensive product range, Shepher caters to various preferences within the toy industry. Their membership-based system provides insights into customer toy-buying habits and grants access to competitive prices. Specializing in action figures, dolls, games, and preschool items, Shepher represents well-known brands like NERF, Play-Doh, Fisher-Price, and Disney.

shepher - Wholesale Toy Distributors

3 UPD INC – Leading the Way in Toy Distribution

UPD INC-logo

UPD Inc., a prominent toy supplier, distributor, and brand toys manufacturer based in the United States, takes the lead in toy distribution. Boasting a substantial inventory of 2,637 toy products, UPD Inc. exclusively serves retailers. Their showrooms in Los Angeles, Chicago, and Philadelphia showcase a fantastic array of brands. With a minimum order of $2,000 for online retailers and $1,500 for store retailers, UPD Inc. is a go-to choice for those seeking quality toys from a reliable wholesale distributor.

updinc-Wholesale Toy Distributors

4 WDK – Your Partner in Quality Toys

WDK Groupe Partner-Logo

WDK Groupe Partner, a distinguished French company with a 60-year legacy, serves as your reliable partner in quality toys. With a diverse catalog and seasonal releases, WDK specializes in board games, making them a preferred choice for European retailers. Explore their product categories for a wide selection of appealing toys.

WDK Groupe Partner-02
WDK Groupe Partner -01

5 Australian Toy Distributors – A Leading Name in Toy Distribution

Australian Toy Distributors logo

Australian Toy Distributors, a leading name in toy distribution across Australia and New Zealand, provides access to renowned brands such as Britz N Pieces, Hasbro, and V-Tech. Focused on supplying retailers and wholesalers, their featured products, including American Plastic Toys and DOLU, showcase quality and variety.

Australian Toy Distributors

6 4SGM – Your Destination for Affordable Toys

4sgm logo

4SGM serves as your destination for affordable toys, catering to various businesses such as dollar stores, discount stores, and supermarkets. With an extensive showroom space of 25,000 square meters and a product range of 10,000 items, 4SGM offers reasonably priced toys, clothing, and home decor.

4sgm-Wholesale Toy Distributors

7 NDA – Your Top-Rated UK Wholesaler


NDA stands out as your top-rated wholesaler in the UK, providing access to over 100 user-friendly and intuitive toy brands. Their website offers valuable insights into brand popularity, making NDA an excellent resource for those entering the toy industry.


8 BBCW – Trendy Toys for Today’s Kids


BBCW, a toy and doll wholesaler based in Florida, USA, specializes in trendy and youth-oriented toys. Their products, described as “hip” and “trendy,” are geared toward children, with a focus on action figures and collectible toys.

BBCW-Wholesale Toy Distributors

9 Fun Express – Your Partner in Children’s Products

Fun Express-logo

Fun Express specializes in distributing children’s products at wholesale prices, including candy, toys, party supplies, and children’s clothing. Their skilled artists and designers continually develop new products to keep your children’s gift shop competitive.

Fun Express-Wholesale Toy Distributors

10 VAN DER MEULEN – Your Hub for Toy and Entertainment Products


VAN DER MEULEN, a toy and entertainment product distributor, operates with a capable logistics network and distribution center, serving nations like Holland, France, and Belgium. With their own brands and over 50 licensed brands of goods, they feature outdoor toys, flying toys, and games in their diverse product line.

VAN DER MEULEN-Wholesale Toy Distributors

11 NexaToys – Your Local Wholesale Toy Solution


Discover NexaToys, a local enterprise in Chenghai, China, dedicated to simplifying your wholesale toy procurement. Specializing in connecting clients with top toy manufacturers and factories, NexaToys offers competitive prices and a convenient one-stop supply solution. Whether you’re a retailer or distributor, choose NexaToys for a seamless experience, ensuring access to a diverse range of quality toys at affordable prices.


As we conclude our exploration of the top wholesale toy distributors, we hope this guide has illuminated the path to a world of possibilities for your retail or distribution endeavors. From License 2 Play’s branded marvels to the local charm of NexaToys, the options are as varied as the imaginations they inspire. As you venture into the realm of wholesale toys, may these distributors be your steadfast partners in delivering joy and wonder to every child’s heart. Embrace the world of toys with confidence, armed with the knowledge of these esteemed distributors and the diverse offerings they bring to the table. Happy sourcing and may your journey in the world of toys be as exciting as the smiles they bring!


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