Building Beyond Boundaries: A Deep Dive into LEGO and China’s Building Block Brands

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Hey there, I’m Jack Hogan, the mastermind behind since 2014. Picture me as your toy aficionado extraordinaire! With my battle-tested experience in the toy industry, I’ve played the role of a toy matchmaker, orchestrating the perfect toy unions for over 10,000 satisfied clients.We are now starting to discuss the situation of Building Block Brands both domestically and internationally.

Unveiling the Contemporary Landscape of Building Block Brands

Now, let’s dive into the colorful world of building blocks. LEGO, the titan of the industry, has a grip on a universal audience, boasting not just the highest price tags but also an unparalleled collection of collaborations with some of the world’s most iconic IPs.

Back on home turf, our Chinese building block brands each dance to their thematic tunes, waltzing with diverse user groups. What’s fascinating is the rising tide of new brands targeting the young adult scene – a trend that aligns seamlessly with LEGO’s foray into the adult collector market. These consumers are not just buyers; they’re enthusiasts, investing in their passions and embracing nostalgia.

Now, breaking down the major building block players into three categories based on pricing and features. Imagine it as a toy triad – Overseas Brands holding the lion’s share at 50%, the Cross-border/New Generation Brands bringing in their youthful vibe with 10%, and the Traditional Brands, rooted in familiarity, claiming a solid 20%. The rest of the market tapestry is woven with the threads of countless small regional brands, each contributing its unique hue to the grand design.

Type Market Share Key Features Featured Brands Target Consumers
Foreign Brands Around 50% Stable material selection, leading production technology, aesthetically pleasing and high-quality design with a premium brand image LEGO, MEGA Consumers with strong purchasing power, high product standards, and emphasis on IP, brand, and quality
Cross/New Brands Around 10% Involvement of leading companies from other industries, or new brands emphasizing innovative design, catering to the aesthetic preferences of young consumers, with overall pricing at a mid-range level 拼奇、佳奇、Keeppley(启蒙旗下)、未及、魔域、得高 迪库、万致(启辉旗下)、ONEBOT、Area-X(森宝旗 下)、宇星模王、悦创(信宇旗下)、Mr.Kuriosity(酷玩 潮旗下)、星辉、型玩模客、泰高乐、维思(奥飞旗下)、 Reobrix(聚航旗下)、LOZ、哲高(群隆旗下)等 New generation young consumers, emphasizing product aesthetics and experience
Traditional Brands Around 20% Mainly targeting infants and children, classic styles, mostly local old-fashioned building block brands with a variety of products and relatively affordable pricing 森宝、启蒙、CaDa(双鹰)、布鲁可、 小鲁班、潘洛斯、古迪、沃马、群隆 Mainly families with children and cost-conscious general consumers
Other Small Brands Around 20% In addition to major brands, there are still a considerable number of small-scale enterprise brands in the Chinese building block industry. Limited by funds and technology, these brands have a single product variety, lower quality, lack brand influence and R&D design capabilities. Mostly present in lower-tier cities with small individual enterprise sizes. None None

The Development History of LEGO

Building Block Brands LEGO_logo

let me tell you a bit about the LEGO magic. Picture this: back in 1932, LEGO kicked off its journey as the ultimate leader in the world of building block toys. Fast forward 90 years, and they’ve got a whopping 68.8% market share in the construction toy universe.

Now, let’s talk numbers. In 2020, LEGO raked in a staggering 43.7 billion Danish Kroner (around 452 billion), with a cool net profit of 9.9 billion Danish Kroner (about 10.3 billion Chinese Yuan). That’s not just big; it’s ‘one of the biggest toy companies on the planet’ big, even outshining the likes of Mattel in revenue and size.

But here’s the fun part: LEGO’s journey wasn’t all smooth sailing. It went through phases – exploring, growing, hitting a few bumps, and bouncing back stronger. It’s like the toy world’s very own superhero, and I’m here to bring you the latest and greatest from the LEGO universe at Let’s make playtime legendary together!

The Development History of LEGO

Data Source: Guosheng Securities

lego product lines Overview

As a seasoned toy expert with years of experience, let me paint a vivid picture of the Lego product landscape. In essence, Lego’s product line unfolds into 11 overarching categories, encompassing a remarkable 87 subcategories. From whimsical characters to bustling cityscapes, and from intricate art pieces to diverse modes of transportation, Lego’s offerings span a vast array of imaginative scenes.

Moreover, each product line is tailored to meet the preferences of diverse consumers across all age groups, ranging from 1.5 years to 18 and beyond. There’s a safety-first series featuring large, non-choking hazard pieces designed for toddlers, a playful cartoon IP series for children, and a collection of large, complex items crafted for the enjoyment of teenagers and adults, including those tied to popular IPs. Lego truly caters to the playful spirit in everyone, offering a captivating journey through creativity and imagination.

Category Subcategory Description Age Range
Toddler Series Duplo, Creative Building, Classic, Dots, Unikitty, Mixels, Vidiyo, Junior Builder, Education Suitable for toddlers 1.5~9
Cartoon IP Collaborations Disney, Minions, PJ Masks, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Angry Birds, Scooby-Doo, Toy Story, SpongeBob SquarePants, Ninjago, Cars, The Simpsons Famous cartoon IP 5~18
Scene Series City, Vikings, Movie Studios, Speed Champions, Deep Sea Exploration, Submarine World, Dinosaurs, Time Travel, Space, Adventure, Egypt, Western, Atlantis, Castle, Pirates, Power Explorers, Monster Fighters, Super Agents, Master Builders Themed scene construction 5~18
Minifigure Series Minifigures, Dimensions Series Characters 5~18+
Creative Series IDEAS, Creative Bricks, Art, Brick Sketch, Holidays, Board Games, Serious Play Higher artistic content 5~18+
Mechanical/Racing Series Technic Sets, Robots, Super Cars, Boost, Power Functions Advanced mechanical components, Programming Robots 9~18+
DC/Marvel IP Collaborations Marvel Super Heroes, DC Super Heroes, DC Super Hero Girls, Spider-Man, Batman Superhero-themed IP 9~18+
LEGO Movie Merchandise Ninjago Movie, Batman Movie, LEGO Movie, LEGO Movie 2 LEGO’s self-produced movie merchandise 9~18+
Famous Game IP Collaborations Overwatch, Super Mario, Minecraft Famous game-themed IP 9~18+
Famous Movie IP Collaborations Star Wars, Harry Potter, Stranger Things, Pirates of the Caribbean, Jurassic World, Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, Suicide Squad, Prince of Persia, Indiana Jones, BrickHeadz Series Famous movie-themed IP 9~18+
Original IP Series Ninjago, Monkey Kid, Hidden Side, Elves, Nexo Knights, Bionicle, Legends of Chima, Friends Original LEGO IP 9~18+

China Building Block IP Direction

In the realm of homegrown creativity, three exciting directions beckon enthusiasts.

  1. Homegrown Commercial IPs: Jack introduces us to the rising wave of commercially successful themes rooted in Chinese history and national spirit. From the popularity of titles like “Spirit Cage” and “Douluo Continent” to the innovative designs of local creators like “Our Emperor Wan Shui,” the landscape is evolving beyond traditional boundaries.
  2. Nostalgic and National Glory IPs: Discover themes that evoke nostalgia and national pride, featuring Chinese ancient architecture (古风国潮) and monumental achievements such as aerospace and military equipment (大国重器). These themes not only celebrate our rich heritage but also tap into a sense of patriotism, making them a unique focus for domestic brands.
  3. Anime Invasion: While LEGO has been reserved in acquiring Japanese anime IPs, Chinese brands like are stepping up to bring the magic of Japanese anime to building blocks. From Detective Conan to Pokémon and Doraemon, our collections now feature iconic characters from beloved Japanese anime series.
Common Brick Brands IP Product Series
MEGA Halo, Assassin’s Creed, Pokémon, Colonial Marines, Call of Duty, Minions, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Marvel, One Piece, Gundam, Game of Thrones, Narnia, etc.
SEMBO SpongeBob SquarePants, Shandong Ship, The Wandering Earth, Aerospace Creative, Aviation Creative, Weapons Creative, Spirit Cage, Palace Creative, Zhongshan Memorial, Beijing Car Museum, Detective Chinatown, etc.
Enlighten, Keeppley Palace Museum, Onmyoji, Chinese Aerospace, Detective Conan, Pokémon, Doraemon, Crayon Shin-chan, Sanrio Family, Nezha, Evangelion, Undersea Fleet (Self-created), etc.
USTAR Model King Interstellar Series (similar to Star Wars), Famous Architecture Series, Bat Legend Series (similar to Batman), MOC Car Series, Robots
JAKI Brick Music Box (Self-created), Brick Flower (Self-created), Three Squirrels, Shengyuelou (Self-created Chinese ancient architecture), Aerospace Exploration Series
LOZ Chinese Street Series, National Tide Doll Series (Self-created)
Chance Forbidden City Mortise and Tenon Style Ancient Terracotta Warriors
Double Eagle Aerospace Creative, Wilderness Action, Famous Car Series, MOC Contract Series, Transformers Series
XINGBO Chinese Street Series, Military Series, Famous Car MOC Series, Brick Music Box (Self-created)
Xiaomi MI Temple of Heaven, The Wandering Earth, Transformers
WANGE Chinese Ancient Architecture Series, World Architecture Series, National Tide Doll Series (Self-created), Military Series
KAZI Military Series, Chinese Aerospace Series, Racing Cars, Chinese Ancient Architecture
GUDI Plants vs. Zombies, National Tide Street Scene Series (Self-created), KAKAO Friends, Our Emperor Sleeps, Resurrection Demon King
BanBao Chibi Maruko-chan, Douluo Continent, Aerospace Creative, China Shipbuilding Creative

Data Source: CITIC Securities

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