Must-Know Marvels: 35 LEGO Like Brands Unveiling a World of Building Wonders

As widely known, LEGO has always been the representative of building blocks. Whenever someone mentions building blocks, LEGO comes to mind, and when LEGO is mentioned, building blocks are brought to thought. However, the situation is different now. After many years of development, the building block industry has given rise to numerous outstanding brands. Their building blocks each have unique features, offering tremendous fun. Now, let me provide you with a detailed introduction to these LEGO-Like Brands.If you find this intriguing, feel free to reach out to NexaToys. We can connect you with these building block factories for procurement. We specialize in assisting businesses with wholesale toy transactions. specialize in assisting individuals with wholesale toy transactions.

1 Cada (Double E)

Cada, a brand under Double Eagle Industry China Ltd., is a noteworthy LEGO alternative. Double Eagle, renowned for remote control cars and trucks, is based in Shantou city, Guangdong province. The Cada product line, established in 2016, gained recognition in mainland China by 2020 and is popular in countries like Germany and Russia.

Cada (Double E)

Cada offers interlocking plastic bricks compatible with other major brick brands. The product line includes diverse sets such as supercars, military, guns, robots, construction, and STEM-based educational sets.

Cada (Double E) amg

LEGO Like Brands:CaDA_Alfa_Romeo_F1_Team_ORLEN_C42_C64005W_1


2 Forange

Forange Block, established in 2016, has attained certifications including ISO 9001, 3C, ASTM in the U.S., and CE in the European Union. The brand specializes in LEGO-like toys, offering plastic building blocks featuring a variety of basic modules designed for children aged 6-14. The product series includes engaging themes such as dinosaurs, military, robots, and scenes.

Forange Block


Under the brands “LOONGON” and “COGO,” Guangdong Loongon Animation & Culture Co., Ltd. produces building block toys internationally. With 17 years in the sector, COGO emphasizes quality control and offers a variety of block products, including those for boys, city building, DIY, girls, and mega building.

COGO building block toys logo

COGO building block toys (1)

COGO building block toys (2)


STAR DIAMOND concentrates on LEGO-type toys, particularly focusing on vehicle products, product variations, small sets, and more. Positioned as a domestic brand with quality comparable to LEGO, it upholds affordability while engaging in collaborations with various media.

STAR DIAMOND building block toys logo
STAR DIAMOND building block toys


ENLIGHTEN stands out for various building brick sets, marked by independent innovation. The brand has introduced practical domestic parts, emphasizing creativity and offering a repair service to address missing parts.

ENLIGHTEN building brick logo

ENLIGHTEN building brick (1)

ENLIGHTEN building brick (2)


BANBAO, with a unique approach, produces building blocks consistent in size with LEGO. The brand’s quality is commendable, and it maintains control over pricing.

BANBAO factory



SLUBAN specializes in armor and vehicle products, with a unique Three Kingdoms series. The building blocks have darker tones than LEGO, ensuring a tight fit.





WANGE offers high-quality building bricks with new parts and constant mold exploration. The brand’s flat and natural particles contribute to a unique touch and feel.


WANGE building (1)

WANGE building (2)

9 Mega Block

Mega Block stands out among other LEGO brands for its excellent building block quality, particularly in series like Aura, Call of Duty, Warcraft, Assassin’s Creed, Little Yellow, and Barbie.


mega-bloks toys

10 LOZ

LOZ, part of the German company LOZGROUP CO. LIMITED, specializes in micro-building blocks. Founded in 1998, LOZ has a history of over 16 years. The brand’s Diamond Block series features small-sized blocks, encouraging creativity and challenging logical thinking and spatial imagination.


LOZ building blocks


GUDI stands as a leader among domestic Chinese building block brands, offering toys similar to Legos. Renowned for its material quality, workmanship, luster, and design, GUDI remains steadfast in its commitment to originality. The brand provides diverse series, including the discontinued “armed assault,” “Star Hegemony,” and semi-original space shuttle types.


GUDI Girls Building Blocks Toy (1)

GUDI Girls Building Blocks Toy (2)


WOMA integrates the development, production, and sales of puzzle toys. The company emphasizes assembled educational toys, featuring professional product development, design teams, and advanced mold-making equipment.

woma logo

Woma Toys

Woma Building Blocks


BALODY is an industrial company specializing in the production of miniature diamond blocks, tandem blocks, alternative LEGO-style blocks, and more. Known for its one-stop production, BALODY’s building blocks are popular among enthusiasts.

Balody logo

Balody Blocks (1)

Balody Blocks (2)


WANGAO’s leading products include block table series and scene block series. Meticulously crafted with ABS material, the products are known for their safety, environmental protection, and unique design.

wangao building block logo

wangao building block toys (1)

wangao building block toys (2)

wangao building block toys (3)


KAZI is an intelligent scientific and educational toy company. The brand manufactures and sells robots, transformers, infants and children’s toys, with a focus on innovative designs and product development.


KAZI Block


PANLOS primarily produces and operates plastic toy products, including building block series, stroller series, crib series, remote control series, electro-acoustic series, and robot series.


PANLOS Brick toys


XINGBAO boasts over 4000 building block pellet molds and an annual production capacity of up to 10 million boxes. The brand emphasizes intelligent assembly line production, strict quality control, and holds various certifications, including EU certification, 3C certification, and BSCI factory inspection certification.





ZHEGAO specializes in block table series and scene block series. The brand’s products feature meticulous craftsmanship, ABS material, and a focus on unique design.




KEEPPLEY, part of the new generation of hip playblocks, offers block table series and scene block series. Known for its commitment to quality and safety, the brand caters to both kids and adults.


Keeppley Pokemon Mini Eevee

Keeppley Pikachu Mini Bus


HAPPYBUILD brick toys are known for their unique designs. The brand’s products encompass various series, providing builders with creative and engaging building experiences.





DECOOL introduces original new product development methods and independent research and development. The brand addresses market needs and challenges, exploring new technologies, materials, and processes.


DECOOL Building Block (2)

DECOOL Building Block (1)


JAKI is an intelligent scientific and educational toy company, manufacturing and selling robots, transformers, infants and children’s toys. The brand focuses on innovation and quality in its product offerings.

JAKI Blocks logo

JAKI Blocks (3)

JAKI Blocks (2)

23 Pantasy

Pantasy specializes in adult building blocks and is recognized for its popular style. The products are officially licensed and have gained popularity among block players.

Pantasy Block logo

Pantasy Block (2)

Pantasy Block (1)

24 Mould King

Mould King stands out with cool product designs and innovative building block products. The brand incorporates blocks and cell phone link control, providing a unique building experience. Mould King organizes an annual player block competition game.


MOULD KING Brick (2)

MOULD KING Brick (1)


JIE-STAR is a comprehensive toy enterprise involved in the development, manufacturing, and sale of educational blocks, educational music baby toys, and other products.

JIE-STAR Building Blocks logo

JIE-STAR Building Blocks (2)

JIE-STAR Building Blocks (1)

26 Star Fun Blocks

Star Fun Blocks excels in block toys design, using environmentally friendly ABS material. The brand’s products have the closest quality, color, luster, compatibility, and feel to LEGO.


27 Sembo

Established in 2010, SEMBO Blocks is a professional brick manufacturing company based in Guangdong Province, China. SEMBO emphasizes research, production, and sales of high-quality brick toys.


Sembo Block (2)

Sembo Block (1)

28 Xiaomi

Xiaomi extends its expertise to smart toys, with Xiaomi MI Building Blocks offering high-quality and intelligent building block sets.


xiaomi building block (2)

xiaomi building block (1)

29 JMBricklayer

JMBricklayer contributes to the growth of China’s toy industry, offering unique self-designed brick sets compatible with LEGO. The brand prioritizes respect for intellectual property.

JMBricklayer logo

JMBricklayer Building Toys (2)

JMBricklayer Building Toys (1)

30 Laser Pegs

Laser Pegs allow children to build structures with low-current LEDs that light up creations. The brand’s light-up construction bricks inspire fine motor skills and creativity.

laser pegs logo

laser pegs bricks (2)

laser pegs bricks (1)

31 Oxford

Oxford, a major brick toy producer in Asia, offers diverse particle blocks with themes like the military, Korean history, and towns.

Oxford building block logo

Oxford building block (2)

Oxford building block (1)

32 Kre’o

Kre-O, a brand of plastic construction toys by Hasbro, provides sets from popular franchises such as Star Trek and Transformers. Known for quality, Kre-O is a close match to LEGO.

Kre’o building logo

Kre’o building (2)

Kre’o building (1)


Cobi, a Polish toy company, stands out with genuine Lego clones. The brand specializes in military series, construction, and vehicles.

cobi block logo

Blocks and toys for kids from Cobi (2)

Blocks and toys for kids from Cobi (1)

34 FunWhole

FunWhole is a Lego alternative with a focus on lighting. Their models include light-up bricks, offering a unique building experience.

FunWhole logo

FunWhole Lighting Building Block Toys (2)

FunWhole Lighting Building Block Toys (1)

35 Nanoblocks

Nanoblocks, known for miniature building blocks, allows detailed models of architecture or animals without taking up much space. The Japanese brand offers licensed kits with themes like Pokémon and anime.

Nanoblocks toys (1)

Nanoblocks toys (2)

These diverse building block brands offer enthusiasts a broad spectrum of options, ensuring creativity, quality, and engaging building experiences for all ages.


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