Top U.S. Authority Media Releases Most Popular Toys of the Holiday Season – These Gifts Are Trending!

1. VTech: 6-in-1 Fun Tunnel

With the conclusion of the U.S. holiday shopping season, the well-known toy consumer magazine, ‘The Toy Insider,’ has selected the top 10 most popular toys from a myriad of new toys this season. These include various categories such as outdoor toys, electronic toys, dolls toys, and interactive toys, offering a comprehensive showcase of trends in the American toy market. Let’s take a look at the highlighted products.

Most Popular Toys:VTech 6-in-1 Fun Tunnel

This toy engages children through six stages of play. It allows babies to lie under the arch, observe various small toys hanging from it, and encourages crawling by having parents hang toys along the tunnel. The detachable accessory toys can be clipped onto strollers or other surfaces, providing entertainment for children on the go. The zebra’s belly features three different modes and multiple sound effects, encouraging children to play and learn about animals, numbers, and colors. Recommended Age: 0 and above.

2. B.TOYS: Balance Beam Set

B.TOYS Balance Beam Set

This colorful balance beam set is a multifunctional toy that aids in children’s physical development, enhancing their motor skills and coordination while fostering creativity. The set includes eight connecting beams and five sensory stepping stones, with a simple, versatile design that allows for endless combinations. Simply arrange the smiling faces on the beams and press down to create different setups. Stacking the beams and pads allows for easy storage. Recommended Age: 3 and above.

3. TONIES: Disney Mickey Mouse Player Set

TONIES Disney Mickey Mouse Player Set

This limited-edition Toniebox features a unique Mickey Mouse silhouette design and plays the voices, songs, and sound effects of iconic Disney characters. Recommended Age: 3 and above.

4. TOYMONSTER: Jurassic World Velociraptor

TOYMONSTER Jurassic World Velociraptor

In this fast-paced game, players must feed their dinosaurs in a race against time. By placing red and green snack balls in the arena’s center and pushing the Velociraptor’s tail downward, the dinosaurs open their mouths, attempting to grab the snacks. The player with the most snacks at the end wins. Recommended Age: 3 and above.

5. CEPIA: COWS VS. ALIENS Plush Blind Bags


This plush blind bag features whimsical designs of ‘Cows’ and ‘Aliens’ in vibrant colors. Opening the blind bag reveals a delightful surprise moment. Recommended Age: 4 and above.

6. MGA Entertainment: L.O.L. SURPRISE! Magic Flying Doll

MGA Entertainment L.O.L. SURPRISE! Magic Flying Doll

Each flying doll comes with a unique bottle. Touch the bottle once, and it shakes; touch it twice, and it lights up with a rainbow; touch it three times, and the bottle magically opens, revealing the flying doll inside. Each doll has unique wings and flying capabilities, providing a stylish unboxing experience. The magic flying device comes with batteries and a USB cable for charging the bottle and flying toy. Recommended Age: 4 and above.

7. THE LOYAL SUBJECTS: Rainbow Brite Doll


This product features characters from Rainbow Brite, including limited-edition toys like metal Rainbow Brite and glow-in-the-dark Twink, beloved by Rainbow Brite fans. Recommended Age: 4 and above.

8. MOOSE TOYS: Beast Lab


This interactive toy features over 80 lights, sounds, and reactions. Kids can add ingredients to create their own ‘beasts’ following the experiment steps. When ingredients are added, it activates sounds, lights, fizzing bubbles, and mist. Pulling the emergency control lever releases the liquid, revealing the ‘beast’ inside. Resetting the beast or repeating the experiment allows for evolving gameplay. Recommended Age: 5 and above.

9. Spin Master: Bitzee Virtual Pet Machine

Spin Master Bitzee Virtual Pet Machine

This new interactive electronic pet, Bitzee, responds to touch and movement inside a compact box. There are 15 characters to collect, and attracting new pets is possible by offering snacks. Players can feed, rock to sleep, and clean up after them, with the pets responding to actions with sounds. The flexible screen technology and rich interactive features deepen the bond between players and their virtual pets, offering a game with new features. Recommended Age: 5 and above.

10. FLYBAR: Bumper Car

FLYBAR Bumper Car

This bumper car accommodates two children or one adult, with a maximum speed of 3 miles per hour and a rechargeable 12V battery. The soft rubber bumpers on the car’s bottom protect walls and furniture. Dual control levers are used for steering, allowing 360° rotation, and adjustable seat belts are included. The sturdy plastic shell, leak-proof tires, and flashing LED lights add fun to family play. Easy to operate, simply attach the bumpers and charge the battery to hit the road. Recommended Age: 6 and above.

Conclusion: The release of ‘The Toy Insider’s’ ‘Top 10 Most Popular Toys of the Holiday Shopping Season’ reflects the consumption trends in the U.S. market, largely representing the trends of interactivity, smart features, and multifunctionality. Domestic toy brands can widely absorb and draw inspiration from these trends, broadening their development perspectives.”


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