Two toy enterprise in Chenghai receive honorary titles

The nationwide first cross-media program themed “Quality Excellence,” sponsored by the Guangdong Provincial Market Supervision Bureau, was launched online from January 21 to 26. Tonight (January 22), the Chief Quality Officers from two toy enterprise, Aofei Entertainment and Qimeng Toys in Chenghai, Shantou, made their appearances on the program, sharing the story of prioritizing “Quality First.”

During the recording, Chief Quality Officers from five major industries and ten companies engaged in a comprehensive competition of business skills through four segments: “Brand Excellence,” “Quality Excellence,” “Profit Excellence,” and “Innovation Excellence.” The case analysis and debates focused on the most direct issues and challenges in enterprise quality management, addressing them in a detailed and earnest manner.

Shantou’s Vibrant Toy Industry on the National Stage

Chenghai, Shantou, renowned as a global center for toy and gift production and export, showcased its vibrant toy industry on “Quality Excellence,” emphasizing its position as a pillar industry. In recent years, Chenghai has designated the toy creative industry as one of the distinctive industries in the layout of the “Three New Two Special One Big” industrial development plan. The implementation of four major actions, including fostering enterprise growth, empowering creative innovation, enhancing trade services, and building brand influence, has propelled the upgrade of the toy creative industry, creating a globally competitive billion-dollar toy creative industry cluster.

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toy enterprise Aofei Entertainment: Pioneering Quality in Toy Manufacturing

Two toy enterprise in Chenghai receive honorary titles

Integrity in quality is the lifeline of toy enterprises and a fundamental strength for successful expansion. Aofei Entertainment, a well-established local toy company known as the “first stock of Chinese animation,” has over 30 years of experience in toy manufacturing. The company has been actively exploring and practicing new industrialization and high-quality development, investing nearly 60 million yuan annually in technological research and development. Aofei Entertainment has introduced advanced production equipment and technological processes, continuously improving product quality and technological capabilities. The company vigorously promotes automation and digitization, incorporating advanced robotics, automation equipment, and digital technologies like cloud computing, big data, and artificial intelligence to enhance production efficiency and quality. Aofei Entertainment was honored with the “Quality Brand Benchmark” by the “Quality Excellence” program.

toy enterprise Qimeng Toys: Leading the Way in Quality Innovation

Two toy enterprise in Chenghai receive honorary titles(2)

Qimeng Toys, a toy industry player with over 30 years of history, is a leading domestic brand in the field of building block toys. The company, awarded the “Quality Innovation Benchmark” by the program, maintains a R&D team of over a hundred people and pursues a path of independent research and development. Qimeng Toys engages in groundbreaking and bold innovations in product appearance, graphic design, and functional gameplay. The company has received positive market feedback, implementing a traceable anti-counterfeiting system for single-box production in quality manufacturing.

Chief Quality Officer Lin Jian of Qimeng Toys, an individual in their 80s, is the youngest Chief Quality Officer featured on “Quality Excellence.” Lin Jian expressed appreciation for the opportunity to compete on the same stage as Aofei Entertainment, a benchmark in the toy industry. Lin Jian emphasized the perpetual importance of quality as the lifeline of their industry, noting that product quality is the result of steady progress and dedicated management efforts.

Lin Jian mentioned, “Through the ‘Quality Excellence’ program, I gained inspiration from fellow quality professionals. In the future, we will focus on digital innovation, introducing more automation and digital intelligence into product manufacturing. We aim to enhance consumer perception of improved toy quality.”

In recent years, the Shantou Market Supervision Bureau has been actively implementing the directives of the municipal government, advancing the city’s “industrialization-led urbanization, industry-driven city strengthening” strategy. With strong support from the provincial market supervision bureau, the city has issued documents such as the “Action Plan for ‘Product, Engineering, and Service Quality Enhancement Year (2023)'” and the “Implementation Opinions on Implementing ‘Several Policy Measures of Guangdong Province to Comprehensive Improve the Quality and Brand Level of the Manufacturing Industry.'” The city has made concerted efforts, multidimensional advancements, and continuous promotion to elevate the quality and efficiency of the toy industry.

Currently, there are 2,598 toy enterprises in the city with 8,366 valid 3C certificates, accounting for 51.62% and 68.25% of the national and provincial totals, respectively, maintaining the top position in the country. In 2023, out of 100 batches of plastic toys inspected in production and circulation by the Shanghai Market Supervision Bureau, all 52 batches from our city passed the inspection. One case of a Chief Quality Officer from a local enterprise was selected as a “Typical Case of Quality Transformation and Innovation Practice of Chief Quality Officers in Guangdong Province.”

The “Quality Excellence” program, hosted by the government, provides an opportunity for enterprises to showcase their quality and serves as a recognition of the city’s efforts to enhance toy quality. The event helps improve the brand effect of enterprises, guides them to prioritize quality, and creates a positive social atmosphere by showcasing exemplary and innovative benchmarks.



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