11 inch Barbie DOLL sequin skirt Toys Wholesale

Name:11 inch Barbie DOLL sequin skirt Toys Wholesale
ItemNo: 945434322215
Package: Double Blister
PackageSize: 16*5*38 CM
CartonSize: 94*51*81 CM
Quantity: 120
G.W./N.W.: 20/18 KGS
Bulk: 0.388 cbm
BoxCount: 2

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Barbie DOLL Introduction:

Step into a world of glamour and fashion with the 11-Inch Barbie Doll featuring a stunning sequin skirt. Packaged in a captivating Double Blister measuring 16*5*38 CM, this Barbie Doll promises hours of imaginative play and dazzling adventures.

Barbie DOLL Unique Features:

  • Sequin Elegance: The star of the show is the dazzling sequin skirt that adds a touch of glamour to Barbie’s wardrobe. Watch as it sparkles and shines, enhancing the overall play experience.
  • Double Blister Packaging: The Barbie Doll is securely housed in a Double Blister, providing optimal protection and visibility. The packaging dimensions of 16538 CM make it suitable for display and gifting.
  • Bulk Brilliance: Designed for efficiency, this Barbie Doll set comes with a bulk size of 0.388 cbm and a carton size of 94*51*81 CM, catering to both individual buyers and retailers looking to stock up on this stylish doll.
  • Balanced Weight: Weighing 20/18 KGS (Gross/Net Weight), the Barbie Doll strikes the right balance, ensuring ease of handling for both children and collectors.

Elevate playtime with the 11-Inch Barbie Doll featuring a sequin skirt. The sequin elegance, double blister packaging, bulk brilliance, and balanced weight make this doll a standout addition to any Barbie enthusiast’s collection.

11 inch Barbie DOLL sequin skirt Toys Wholesale
11 inch Barbie DOLL sequin skirt Toys Wholesale

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