Automatic Golden Cudgel Luminous Toy Wholesale

Name:Automatic Golden Cudgel Luminous Toy Wholesale
ItemNo: 847684323991
Package: opp
CartonSize: 60*50*60 CM
Quantity: 200
G.W./N.W.: 20/18 KGS
Bulk: 0.180 cbm
Introduction: silver red Goku pattern

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Automatic Golden Cudgel Luminous Toy Introduction:

Embark on an illuminating adventure with the Automatic Golden Cudgel Luminous Toy. This captivating toy is inspired by the mythical golden cudgel, adding an enchanting luminosity to playtime. Encased in a sleek OPP package, it promises an exciting experience for both enthusiasts and retailers.

Automatic Golden Cudgel Luminous Toy Key Features:

  • Golden Glow: The luminous effect of the Automatic Golden Cudgel adds a touch of magic to the iconic toy. With a radiant golden glow, it captures the essence of the legendary cudgel wielded by mythical characters, bringing fantasy to life.
  • Compact Packaging: Packaged in a convenient OPP bag, this luminous toy maintains its allure while being easy to store and handle. The package dimensions ensure that the Automatic Golden Cudgel arrives in optimal condition, ready for action.
  • Perfect Carton Size: The carton size of 605060 CM and a bulk of 0.180 cbm make it an ideal choice for retailers. With a quantity of 200, it offers a striking display option for stores and events, attracting the attention of both children and adults.
  • Distinctive Design: Featuring a silver red Goku pattern, this luminous toy pays homage to iconic characters. The intricate design adds an extra layer of visual appeal, making it a unique and cherished addition to any collection.

Unveiling Radiant Adventures:

The Automatic Golden Cudgel Luminous Toy introduces a luminous touch to classic play, merging mythology with modern design. Whether for personal enjoyment or retail display, this toy promises to enchant with its golden glow and distinctive Goku pattern. Illuminate playtime with this radiant and imaginative addition to the world of toys.

Automatic Golden Cudgel Luminous Toy Wholesale
Automatic Golden Cudgel Luminous Toy Wholesale

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