Fingertip mini gyro (with bearing) wholesale

Name: Fingertip mini gyro (with bearing)
ItemNo: 374984322934
Package: 100 one medium package
Size: 4.2*4.2*1 CM
PackageSize: 25*15*3 CM
CartonSize: 55*44*35 CM
Quantity: 3000
G.W./N.W.: 16/15 KGS
Bulk: 0.085 cbm
Certification: EN71

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Fingertip mini gyro Description:

Dive into the whirlwind of fun with our Fingertip Mini Gyro featuring a high-quality bearing. This miniature wonder is designed to provide endless entertainment and stress relief at your fingertips.

Fingertip mini gyro Key Features:

  1. Compact Size: The compact dimensions of 4.2*4.2*1 CM make it a pocket-sized delight, perfect for on-the-go fun.
  2. Bearing Mechanism: Equipped with a premium bearing, this mini gyro ensures smooth, long-lasting spins, enhancing the overall spinning experience.
  3. Bulk Packaging: Each medium-sized package contains 100 units, allowing for convenient distribution or retail display.
  4. Efficient Carton Size: The carton’s dimensions of 55*44*35 CM strike a balance between protection during shipping and efficient storage.
  5. Generous Quantity: With a bulk quantity of 3000 units, you’ll have an ample supply for personal enjoyment, sharing with friends, or retail purposes.
  6. Certified Quality: The product holds EN71 certification, assuring adherence to high-quality and safety standards.
Fingertip mini gyro (with bearing) wholesale (1)
Fingertip mini gyro (with bearing) wholesale (1)

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