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Eva foam puzzle mat Environmental Protection High-Grade Pet Room Wholesale

Name: Eva foam puzzle mat Environmental Protection High-Grade Pet Room Wholesale
ItemNo: 916341724217
Package: Kraft paper box
PackageSize: 66*15.8*63.4 CM
CartonSize: 67*33*66 CM
Size: 80*60*70 CM
Bulk: 0.145 cbm
G.W./N.W.: 12/9.6 KGS
Quantity: 2
Channel: export
Introduction: MOQ 10 pieces

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Eva foam puzzle mat Introduction:

Introducing our Eva Foam Puzzle Mat Environmental Protection High-Grade Pet Room, available for wholesale purchase. This product seamlessly combines the comfort and safety of Eva foam puzzle mats with the luxury of a high-grade pet room, creating a stylish and pet-friendly space.

Eva foam puzzle mat Highlighted Features:

  1. Eva Foam Puzzle Mat Comfort: The pet room features Eva foam puzzle mats, providing a soft and comfortable surface for pets to rest and play. The interlocking puzzle pieces not only ensure comfort but also contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal.
  2. Environmental Protection Focus: Crafted with a commitment to environmental protection, this pet room is constructed using eco-friendly Eva foam. The product aligns with sustainability goals and is a testament to responsible pet care practices.
  3. Elegant Packaging: Packaged in a stylish Kraft paper box measuring 66*15.8*63.4 CM, the pet room arrives in a presentation-ready state. The packaging reflects the high-grade nature of the product, making it an attractive addition to retail spaces.
  4. Pet-Friendly Dimensions: With dimensions of 80*60*70 CM, this pet room provides a spacious and secure haven for pets. The carefully designed space offers comfort and versatility, catering to various pet needs.
  5. Export-Ready: Tailored for export channels, this pet room is packaged in sets of 2, with a bulk volume of 0.145 cbm. The efficient packaging design ensures easy handling and transportation, making it a suitable choice for international markets.
  6. Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ): With a low MOQ of 10 pieces, this product is accessible for businesses of various sizes, providing flexibility for retailers and wholesalers alike.
eva foam puzzle mat Environmental Protection High-Grade Pet Room Wholesale (2)
eva foam puzzle mat Environmental Protection High-Grade Pet Room Wholesale (2)

Inquiry: Can this dog house be used outdoors?

Response: Absolutely, this dog house is suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings.


Inquiry: What material is used to make the dog house?

Response: The dog house is crafted from 100% safe and non-toxic EVA material.


Inquiry: Is assembly of the dog house straightforward?

Response: Yes, assembly is simple with the provided instructions.


Inquiry: Can puppies gnaw through the foam edges?

Response: The EVA material is exceptionally durable, making it highly resistant to puppy chewing attempts.


Inquiry: What are the dimensions of the assembled product?

Response: Length: 31.5 inches, Width: 25 inches, Height: 23.5 inches.


Inquiry: Will it accommodate a Yorkshire terrier?

Response: The suitability depends on the dog’s size. It’s suitable for dogs weighing up to 10 pounds, but not recommended for medium to large dogs.


Inquiry: Is it suitable for dogs with a chewing habit?

Response: The VBM dog house, constructed from EVA material, maintains high standards of quality. While most small to medium dogs won’t chew it, persistent chewers may cause damage like with any product.


Inquiry: What is the weight of the product?

Response: The product weighs approximately 16 pounds.


Inquiry: Is the listed price accurate?

Response: Yes, it is. Keep an eye out for occasional discounts during sales periods.


Inquiry: What are the dimensions of the Mickey-shaped entrance door?

Response: The entrance door measures approximately 12 inches.


Inquiry: Why is there a hole in the roof? Won’t rainwater enter?

Response: The hole in the roof is intentionally designed for enhanced ventilation during warmer months. It’s relatively small, but covering it during rainy weather is recommended to prevent water ingress.


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