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High pressure water gun toy Wholesale and bulk

Name:High pressure water gun toy Wholesale and bulk
ItemNo: 815342940576
Package: PVC card bag
PackageSize: 61*32*13 CM
CartonSize: 63*48*68 CM
Size: 61*32*13 CM
Bulk: 0.206 cbm
G.W./N.W.: 17/14 KGS
Quantity: 8

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Dive into a world of high-pressure aquatic excitement with our High-Pressure Water Gun Toy – your ticket to thrilling water battles and unbeatable wholesale fun! Unleash the power of water play with this dynamic and compact water gun, designed for bulk adventures that promise to make a splash.

High pressure water gun toy Key Features:

  1. Pressure-Packed Performance: Our High-Pressure Water Gun Toy is engineered for high-performance water battles. Experience the thrill of intense soaking power as you dominate the competition with a stream that packs a punch. Elevate your water warfare strategy with this game-changing toy.
  2. Wholesale Ready: For those who believe in the more, the merrier, our water gun comes in bulk-ready packaging. Get a whopping quantity of 8 high-pressure water guns, perfect for wholesale purchases and ensuring that everyone in the group can join in on the watery fun.
  3. Convenient PVC Card Bag Packaging: Packaged in a practical PVC card bag, this water gun is easy to store and transport. The package size of 61*32*13 CM ensures a sleek presentation and convenience for both retail and bulk buyers.
High pressure water gun toy Wholesale and bulk
High pressure water gun toy Wholesale and bulk

Make a splash in outdoor fun with our Wholesale Water Guns in Bulk. Perfect for retailers and businesses, our category showcases a broad selection of water guns to meet the demands of water play enthusiasts. Stay ahead of the game with regular updates, introducing the latest trends in the wholesale water gun market. Explore YouTube for insights into popular water gun models, and share your discoveries with our team to streamline the supplier search process.


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