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Outdoor Water gun Wholesale and bulk

Name:Outdoor Water gun Wholesale and bulk
ItemNo: 715342203164
Package: PVC Card Bag
PackageSize: 24*11*40 CM
CartonSize: 90*47*72 CM
Size: 24*11*40 CM
Bulk: 0.305 cbm
G.W./N.W.: 17/14 KGS
Quantity: 12

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Experience the thrill of outdoor water play with our exceptional Outdoor Water Gun – the perfect companion for adventurous water warriors! Dive into a world of soaking excitement and bulk up your water warfare arsenal with this dynamic and user-friendly water gun.

Outdoor Water gun Key Features:

  1. Outdoor Water Play Excellence: Our Outdoor Water Gun is designed specifically for outdoor adventures, ensuring that you can make the most of your water battles in the open air. Embrace the great outdoors and turn any space into a water battlefield!
  2. Bulk Quantity for Group Fun: Each order includes a substantial quantity of 12 Outdoor Water Guns, making it an ideal choice for group play, events, or water-filled parties. Elevate the fun factor and ensure everyone gets in on the watery action.
  3. Compact PVC Card Bag Packaging: Convenient and visually appealing, the Outdoor Water Guns come packaged in a practical PVC Card Bag with dimensions of 24*11*40 CM. This packaging solution is both sleek and space-efficient, providing easy storage and transport.
Outdoor Water gun Wholesale and bulk
Outdoor Water gun Wholesale and bulk

Immerse yourself in aquatic adventure with our Wholesale Water Guns selection. Tailored for retailers and businesses, we provide bulk quantities of water guns to keep your inventory diverse and exciting. From traditional water pistols to powerful water blasters, our range caters to all preferences. Stay informed about the latest trends in wholesale water guns by exploring YouTube. Share any interesting discoveries with our team, and we’ll assist you in finding the right suppliers.


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