suction toys Kindergarten teaching aids wholesale

Name: suction toys Kindergarten teaching aids wholesale
ItemNo: 367873010077
Package: PE Bag with elevator
PackageSize: 6*2*4 CM
CartonSize: 80*75*60 CM
Quantity: 1000
G.W./N.W.: 44/43 KGS
Bulk: 0.360 cbm
BoxCount: 1000

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Revolutionize Learning through Play with Suction Toys – Kindergarten Teaching Aids:

Playful Educational Tools: Suction Toys transcend conventional teaching aids by infusing an element of play into the learning process. Tailored for kindergarten classrooms, these toys redefine how educational tools can captivate young minds and make learning an exciting adventure.

Compact PE Bag Packaging with Surprise Element: Each Suction Toy is meticulously enclosed in a compact PE bag featuring an elevator mechanism, measuring 6*2*4 CM. This innovative packaging not only ensures the safe delivery of toys but introduces an element of surprise, sparking curiosity and anticipation in young learners.

Strategic Carton Size for Classroom Integration: The carton, sized at 80*75*60 CM, is strategically designed to facilitate efficient bulk storage within classrooms. This ensures easy accessibility to the teaching aids, encouraging educators to seamlessly integrate them into daily lessons.

Empowering Classrooms with Abundance: The set includes a generous quantity of 1000 Suction Toys, offering an abundance that empowers educators to engage entire classrooms. Each toy becomes a versatile tool for collaborative learning, promoting teamwork and social interaction.

Robust Construction for Active Engagement: Balancing a Gross Weight of 44 KGS with a Net Weight of 43 KGS, these teaching aids are robustly constructed to withstand the dynamic engagement of active young learners. Their stability ensures longevity, making them enduring companions in the educational journey.

Efficient Bulk Size for Educational Distribution: The 0.360 cbm bulk size is tailored for efficient storage and transportation, making it convenient for educational institutions. Whether for distribution within a single school or across multiple campuses, the compact bulk size facilitates logistical ease.

Diverse Learning Opportunities for Every Student: With 1000 teaching aids in each set, Suction Toys not only cater to group activities but also open doors to diverse learning opportunities for individual students. Each toy serves as a personalized gateway to exploration and discovery.

Transform the kindergarten learning experience with Suction Toys – Kindergarten Teaching Aids. More than mere tools, these toys become catalysts for joy, curiosity, and collaboration in the dynamic landscape of early education. From innovative packaging to strategic bulk design, they embody a holistic approach to learning through play.

suction toys wholesale-07 (6)
suction toys wholesale-07 (6)

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