suction toys (cartoon animals) wholesale – 02

Name: suction toys (cartoon animals)
ItemNo: 945322764756
Package: PE Bag with elevator
PackageSize: 24*5*25 CM
CartonSize: 77*54*69 CM
Quantity: 72
G.W./N.W.: 24.6/19.5 KGS
Bulk: 0.287 cbm
BoxCount: 2
Certification: EN71,7P

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Suction toys (cartoon animals)  Introduction:

Step into the world of whimsy with Suction Toys (Cartoon Animals). This captivating collection of suction-based toys doesn’t just adhere to surfaces; it sticks to the essence of joyful, imaginative play for children.

Suction toys (cartoon animals) Uniqueness Unveiled:

  1. Adorable Companions: Each toy introduces charming cartoon animals, transforming playtime into a delightful companionship with characters that spark curiosity and creativity.
  2. Effortless Packaging: Neatly packed in a PE bag with an elevator, these toys don’t just come packaged; they arrive with an element of surprise, ready to elevate the play experience.
  3. Bulk Brilliance: Efficiently designed for larger quantities with a bulk size of 0.287 cbm, Suction Toys (Cartoon Animals) bring a blend of charm and practicality to both retail and wholesale spaces.
  4. Safety First: Holding certifications like EN71 and 7P, these toys prioritize safety, ensuring worry-free enjoyment and offering a reassuring nod to parents.
  5. Suction-Powered Play: Beyond their cute faces, these toys boast interactive suction technology, turning any surface into a canvas for imaginative adventures.

Discover the enchantment within playtime with Suction Toys (Cartoon Animals). More than mere toys, they are storytellers, sparking creativity and turning ordinary moments into extraordinary adventures. With safety at their core and joy in every detail, these suction toys promise to be cherished companions in the vibrant world of childhood wonder.

suction toys wholesale-03 (1)
suction toys wholesale-03 (1)

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