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Name: suction toys
ItemNo: 356453028429
Package: Canned
PackageSize: 0*11*18 CM
CartonSize: 81.5*36*78 CM
Quantity: 84
G.W./N.W.: 25/22.2 KGS
Bulk: 0.229 cbm
BoxCount: 2

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Suction toys Description:

The Suction Toys, identified by the item number 356453028429, are presented in a sleek canned packaging, measuring 0*11*18 CM. This product is designed to provide an engaging and playful experience.

Packaging Information:

  • Carton Size: The carton dimensions are 81.5*36*78 CM, offering ample space to accommodate 84 units of Suction Toys.
  • Gross Weight (G.W.): The total weight of the carton is 25 KGS, inclusive of the toys and packaging.
  • Net Weight (N.W.): The net weight, excluding packaging, is 22.2 KGS.

Logistics and Storage:

  • Bulk Volume: The bulk volume of the product is 0.229 cbm, making it efficient for storage and transportation.
  • Box Count: Each carton contains 2 boxes, ensuring organized and manageable shipments.

These Suction Toys are not only entertaining but also come with practical packaging and logistics features, making them an excellent addition to your inventory.

suction toys wholesale-08
suction toys wholesale-08

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