What will happen when China toys collide with “AI”?

China toys and AI

In the dim labyrinth, robots autonomously plan routes, pick up objects, and deliver them to precise locations. The “black technology” embedded in this process involves inputting commands to the robot, enabling it to perform infrared scanning and imaging through its built-in camera. The system then automatically analyzes and determines the position of items, autonomously planning routes in unfamiliar environments to achieve the functionality of automatic searching, grabbing, and delivering.

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“Today, we watched an AI robot formation performance and personally experienced programming-controlled robot competitions, feeling both curious and amused.” At the Qunyu Artificial Intelligence Base in Chenghai District, a group of students from Chenghai Vocational and Technical School visited and experienced various activities related to China toys. Some controlled robots with remote controllers for football competitions, while others, under the guidance of on-site staff, wrote programs to experience the creativity of AI intelligence.

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As a pilot project in building the artificial intelligence industry base in our city, the Qunyu Artificial Intelligence Base is not only a showcase presented by Guangdong Qunyu Interactive Technology Co., Ltd., but also one of the windows displaying the characteristics of the China toys creative industry. According to Chen Ruifeng, the president of Guangdong Qunyu Interactive Technology Co., Ltd., the company has independently researched and developed from chips to AI intelligence, aiming to provide the industry with intelligent building block accessories and programming system technical services. Currently, it has obtained more than 60 national patents and more than 30 national software copyrights. The base actively conducts various research and learning activities related to China toys, allowing young people to intuitively experience and learn the infinite creativity brought by artificial intelligence in a delightful manner. It aims to convey the charm of technology, stimulate curiosity and imagination, and these toys with “brains” also make people feel the endless charm of Chenghai’s China toys characteristic industry.

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