Shantou Port Customs Supervises and Facilitates Smooth Toys Export from Chenghai

Toy and Gift Capital of China

Chenghai in Shantou, renowned as the “Toy and Gift Capital of China,” stands as a globally recognized production and export hub for the toy and gift industry. With a multitude of toy enterprises flourishing in Shantou’s Chenghai district, toys have emerged as a pivotal industry for the region.

In a dedicated effort to support the stable progression of Shantou’s toy industry, Shantou Port Customs has taken proactive measures, aligning with local economic development needs in foreign trade. Through comprehensive oversight and support, they empower and enhance the entire value chain of Toys Export from Chenghai.

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Shantou Customs supervises toys export

On the evening of December 19th, a consignment of 21,000 units of building block toys and electric toys arrived at the inspection platform of Shantou Port. Customs inspectors Lin Xun and Wang Daping, stationed on the platform, initiated a detailed inspection using their enforcement recorders. After confirming no irregularities, the batch of toys smoothly underwent the Toys Export process from Chenghai through Shantou Port. The entire journey, from arrival at the inspection platform to customs clearance, took less than one hour.

As the year-end marks the peak season for toys product sales, meeting shipping schedules becomes crucial for toy enterprises. Liu Haisheng, the Business Manager of Shantou Ruiyuan Customs Clearance Inspection Co., Ltd., responsible for the customs declaration of the Toys Export batch, remarked, “With New Year approaching, timely delivery is paramount. Customs, working overtime, ensures clearance services, enabling the goods to be shipped as scheduled tonight.”

“During the peak season for Toys Export, companies have intensive demands with high requirements for customs clearance time. We have prepared customs clearance plans in advance. As long as there is a demand from the companies, we can respond promptly,” emphasized Zheng Yibin, Deputy Head of the Inspection Section at Shantou Port Customs.

Furthermore, the customs office has coordinated a range of measures, such as 24-hour appointment supervision, “non-intrusive inspection + intelligent image review around the clock,” and “direct loading upon arrival” of exported goods. These initiatives streamline the Toys Export process from Chenghai, implementing a “clearance on the same day” system and significantly improving efficiency during the peak season, enabling companies to seize critical periods and expand overseas markets.

As societal demands drive the diversified development of the toy industry, challenges and opportunities are interwoven. The creative toy industry, integral to Shantou City’s ‘three new, two special, and one large’ industries and a pillar industry in Chenghai, faces the critical tasks of brand enhancement, innovation, and quality control. Wu Hanwei, Deputy Director of Shantou Port Customs, emphasized, “The creative toy industry is crucial for preventing and controlling risks related to product quality and trade, ensuring the smooth Toys Export process, and supporting industry development.”

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Effectively improving the efficiency of Toys Export from Chenghai

Recognized as the Toy Capital of China, Chenghai in Shantou has a substantial demand for materials, with plastics being one of the most common imported goods at Shantou Port Customs.

Under the supervision of Shantou Port Customs, 74 tons of linear high-density polyethylene recently underwent direct unloading from the inbound cargo ship to transport vehicles. These materials were then promptly transported to Shantou Bay Materials Co., Ltd., as raw materials for the production line of toys and other products.

“This year, we imported approximately 700 tons of production materials through ‘direct loading upon arrival,’ reducing container handling time from 1-2 days to 2 hours,” explained Yu Xiaosheng, the manager of the company. This streamlined process significantly reduced logistics costs and improved the efficiency of raw material supply, effectively overcoming the production “waiting” challenge for companies.

To ensure the safety and smooth flow of the supply chain, the customs office persists in deepening reforms and optimizing processes. They enhance real-time monitoring of customs clearance through methods like video remote connection, guiding companies to use diversified clearance modes such as “two-step declaration,” “pre-declaration,” “two-stage admission,” and “direct loading upon arrival.” Simultaneously, they deepen the information interconnection between customs and ports, enhancing operational efficiency in the port area, further opening up the “last mile” of port logistics, and effectively improving the efficiency of Toys Export from Chenghai.


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