glowing shark knife Toys Wholesale

Name: glowing shark knife Toys Wholesale
ItemNo: 475673739987
Package: OPP bag
CartonSize: 61.5*60.5*51.5 CM
Quantity: 144
G.W./N.W.: 20/17.8 KGS
Bulk: 0.192 cbm
Introduction: New Products

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glowing shark knife Toys Introduction:

Introducing the Glowing Shark Knife Toys, a thrilling addition to the world of imaginative play. Packaged in individual OPP bags, this set of toys brings a new level of excitement with its vibrant colors and innovative design. Unleash the adventure and create a captivating experience with these glowing shark knives.

glowing shark knife Toys Unique Features:

  • Vibrant Colors: This set includes three distinct and vibrant colors, adding a visually dynamic element to playtime. The glowing effect enhances the overall experience, creating an atmosphere of intrigue and excitement.
  • Innovative Design: The shark knife design brings a unique and innovative twist to traditional toy options. The attention to detail and creativity make these toys stand out, capturing the imagination of children and providing endless opportunities for imaginative play.
  • Efficient Packaging: Each Glowing Shark Knife Toy is carefully packaged in an individual OPP bag. This efficient packaging ensures that the toys are ready for use or display, making them an ideal choice for both personal enjoyment and retail settings.
  • Bulk Efficiency: With a bulk size of 0.192 cbm and a carton size of 61.5*60.5*51.5 CM, this set of 144 toys is designed for bulk efficiency. Whether for party favors, events, or resale, these toys offer a balance of quality and quantity.

Embark on a thrilling journey of play with the Glowing Shark Knife Toys. The vibrant colors, innovative design, efficient packaging, and bulk efficiency make them a fantastic choice for creating magical moments and capturing the imagination of all who encounter them. Dive into the world of fun and adventure with this exciting set of toys.

glowing shark knife Toys Wholesale (1)
glowing shark knife Toys Wholesale (1)

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