Six types of animal suction toys wholesale

Name: Six types of animal suction toys
ItemNo: 6568902935582
Package: Display box
Size: 9.5*6.6*5 CM
PackageSize: 33*27.5*6 CM
CartonSize: 67*56*37 CM
Quantity: 288
G.W./N.W.: 17.5/16.5 KGS
Bulk: 0.139 cbm

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Unleash Playful Possibilities with Six Types of Animal Suction Toys:

Diverse Animal Adventures Await: Dive into the enchanting world of play with Six Types of Animal Suction Toys, featuring a delightful assortment of creatures. Each animal brings its own character, sparking imaginative adventures for curious minds.

Dynamic Display Box Presentation: The captivating display box, carefully crafted at 9.5*6.6*5 CM for each toy, transforms the set into a miniature zoo of possibilities. The lively presentation not only showcases the toys but invites exploration and discovery.

Versatile Packaging for Any Setting: With an ideal package size of 33*27.5*6 CM, these suction toys strike a balance between compactness and visibility. Whether on retail shelves or as part of a creative display, the packaging adapts effortlessly to various settings.

Practical Carton Design for Effortless Transportation: The carton, designed at 67*56*37 CM, ensures secure transportation without compromising on efficiency. Its thoughtfully structured dimensions make handling a breeze, from shelf to destination.

A Playground of 288 Adventures: With a generous quantity of 288 toys per set, these animal suction toys are a treasure trove of possibilities. Suitable for both individual enjoyment and bulk distribution, they cater to diverse needs with abundant creativity.

Quality Weighed for Enduring Play: Balancing quality and practicality, the Gross Weight of 17.5 KGS and Net Weight of 16.5 KGS speak to the robust construction of Six Types of Animal Suction Toys. Sturdy enough for enthusiastic play yet light enough for easy handling.

Efficient Bulk Size for Seamless Distribution: Designed with distribution in mind, the compact bulk size of 0.139 cbm allows for efficient storage and transportation. It’s a testament to the practicality of these toys for both retailers and distributors.

Embark on a journey of playful exploration with Six Types of Animal Suction Toys. Beyond being mere toys, they serve as catalysts for creativity, providing a canvas for imaginative adventures. From the dynamic display box to the versatile packaging and practical quantities, these toys promise to be a source of joy and endless possibilities. Elevate playtime with the diverse charm and practicality of Six Types of Animal Suction Toys.

suction toys wholesale-06
suction toys wholesale-06

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